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colection 1

this 1 is kinda big.

this 1 is kinda big.

this is all the packs thet in this 1:the colors in scc,the colors in scc2,Practicel Mirror,c++,fire wonder.

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January 10, 2002 by DJ "CoolmaN" O-me-R5632 downloads

colection 1 - this 1 is kinda big.

Staff review

A fairly large collection... solid work overall

This is a worthwhile download... split into 6 seperate packs...there is a good amount of quality visuals here. There's a couple that probably could have been left out...but, there are far more that are good for your eyes.


Good Collection - Yes, only good. - February 15, 2002 by joaquim jardim

4 stars - i can not believe - January 11, 2002 by DJ "CoolmaN" O-me-R