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Club lights AVS

Ass kicking club light effects

Ass kicking club light effects

This is my first AVS i have ever made, it simulates the lights as you will find in trance-techno clubs!

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January 25, 2002 by Maarten Vos12055 downloads

Club lights AVS - Ass kicking club light effects

Staff review

Cool preset

This one is worth checking out. Simulates laser lights on a club dance floor. Cool effect. Might be neat to add some smoke effects too.


Excellent plug-in - I think this is the best plug-in ever made !! Please keep working on it in order to improve it, more smooth surfices on lights wold be better and add some smoke if possible, that would be just great. For all people who does't know how to install it, just paste the root of the "community picks" folder in the installer window, and then search the plug-in from the visualization window. Thats the easiest way to find it. - October 11, 2006 by M S

Club lights - It looks like a great plug-in, but I can?t make it work. Can anyone help me? - July 13, 2006 by M S

Agree - I Agree with Vova Hammlitt I havn't been able to get any of them to work! It's fustrating! - May 23, 2002 by Jennifer Guyton

club lights avs - how do i get the f#$%ing thing to go into my visualizations? none of them have been going in other than that it looks very cool!!!!!!!!!! - January 28, 2002 by Vova Hammlitt

GREAT ! - This is nearby the greatest plug-in I've ever seen ! It really reminds you of a good trance or techno-club . And I've only one question left : Will there be a second version of this brilliant plug-in ? I hope so ! - January 27, 2002 by Sebastian -=//\\=-