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C-less Responses

AVS without C code

AVS without C code

my first ten presets, hope these work installing, sorryabout the previus ones...these visuals are kinda basic, and noob work, so its allready been said, they are ok on response tho so please try them...Tnx

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May 2, 2006 by Sandar Kleven3657 downloads

C-less Responses - AVS without C code

Staff review

A small newbie pack.

Only 10 presets (including an intro and an outro which are pretty much the same preset). Two of those (virus code and popcorn) are ok, but the rest is plain, bad even, newbie stuff. Try a bit harder. Those two I singled out show that you can do better, not that much right now, but still, better. Also, please don't use the Self Extractor, yours was done ok, but still, they're not well liked here for some good reasons.