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An OpenGL plugin in C Minor.

An OpenGL plugin in C Minor.

My first OpenGL plugin. Pretty basic and it needs a reasonable GL accelerator and Pentium or above.

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March 19, 2000 by Pablo Diablo71196 downloads

Buttplug - An OpenGL plugin in C Minor.

Staff review

OpenGL love!

I love openGL. The would should be openGL. Nothing give me more love then OpenGL and with a name of Buttplug I love it even more. Keep up the good work.


wow - pretty neat. me and my friend cracked up at the name - December 3, 2002 by Matthew Rozier

A HOMOSEXUAL PLUGIN - This is gay (the name scares me). I really would download it..but i'm afraid of it.(maybe i wouldn't be so afraid if it was named something else. - June 9, 2002 by Lil Man

Awesome Visual!! Name.... :(. - The title says it all. - December 20, 2001 by John Morris

This Cornholio Manhole is a mistake. - You must be one of those american kids who divorce their parents (nee family) for giving them really stinking name. But you are right, that plugin really does suck the llamas ass. Even if I do say so myself... - November 14, 2001 by Andrew Ebbatson

This plug-in is a mistake - not smooth and ugly. Try anything else - November 4, 2001 by Corneliu Manole

yeah Mike Burnett - except you have to consider its more than a year old already...imagine what kind of numbers would you find if this was back in 2000 - July 23, 2001 by Tai Chow Sing

Burly is an ass - Correct its name is "BUTTPLUG" but look at how many have downloaded 13,463 so it must not be bad - June 28, 2001 by Mike Burnett