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Blue Oxygen Trance

Put in your preset AVS folder

Put in your preset AVS folder

AVS preset with colorfade and fyrewurx.

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October 11, 2000 by Chris Denyer188422 downloads

Blue Oxygen Trance - Put in your preset AVS folder

Staff review

Very tight preset

Nicely rendered...great visuals... check it out. -dg


Great! - It's great, i have no doubts. - November 27, 2003 by JJ RULEZ

AVS??????? - These are toooo gooooooood for AVS!!!! - July 26, 2003 by Ruben N

DUMB!!!!! - jkzdsdfjjkljkljkljkljkljkljkljkl ::::::::::((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9 1 star for trying - May 2, 2003 by Nathan Spratt

kool - keep it up - March 25, 2003 by Rezwan Hossain

Awsome! - If Blue is your fav. color check this out! - June 25, 2002 by Jacob Grasch

Very appropiate title - That's great!! very well rended. Just maybe the colours could be more vivid. Funny anyway! ;) - June 23, 2002 by Tessa bbbb

great job - Hey, looking at the picture from my computer, it almost looks like blue fireworks. - November 19, 2001 by Charles Shin

F?cking Good AVS - THIS IS SO GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! - October 20, 2001 by John-Christian Masoy

Not for me! - Same things repeating. quite boring. Nice colours and everything but Nahh - September 2, 2001 by Rob Aldred

So good - Hi thanks 4 your plug-in.It's realy dramatic and i realy enjoy with this. thanks Afshin - August 25, 2001 by afshin motaghifar

good stuff - pretty trippy, hey man bring it on with more - July 24, 2001 by H Dan

Breathe Deep - Since I love almost any preset with Fyrworks and I love BLUE this preset is at the top of my list. - July 17, 2001 by Keith Ross

slug - dual PIII-733Mhz + geforce2mx + 256Megs + "blue oxygen trance" @ fullscreen = 7.6 frames/second Need I say more? - July 4, 2001 by diverse whatever

Good God What A Show - Its the best set of presets yet Download now NOW - June 28, 2001 by Brandon McKeever

marco - is the better - May 27, 2001 by marco musella

the best - it is very good,,, please continue this way... TRANCE FOR EVER - May 22, 2001 by maik stergiopoylos

Ok - It was merely OK. - May 19, 2001 by Ryan Pennucci

Blue Oxygen Trance - Wow! I haven't seen such a tripped out orgy of light and sound since I went crazy three years ago. - May 14, 2001 by Jason S.

Snazzy - Well I am going to use an old-school word that summarizes this, "Snazzy!" I recommend downloading it, not the best, but something you need in your library. - April 13, 2001 by Chase Miller

This thing is very cool - I am a litle boy next to that check out my avs 1 to 30 - April 7, 2001 by rauli murakas

WOW - this it great!! - April 6, 2001 by James Kim

highly recommended - excellent plugin... makes me feel like an amateur... haha... great use of color and beat-change ups... get this one if you have any good sense of taste in you at all, immediatley! - April 5, 2001 by Sir Lasservin