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Best of PWS

70 presets for you.:)

70 presets for you.:)

This thing is so big!

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January 23, 2004 by Patrick So47399 downloads

Best of PWS - 70 presets for you.:)

Staff review

Enormous collection

This is a huge collection... the visuals themselves are decent for the most part. Not really eye-popping, but, still pretty good. In the future it might be better to concentrate harder on a smaller amount of visuals in order to take them to a higher level... instead of having tons of so-so presets.


ok - just ok, nothing more, sorry - May 28, 2004 by John Malkovic

ERM.... - ITS OK, THATS ABOUT ALL I CAN SAY REALLY.... - April 4, 2004 by Tbag Virtual