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bainer avs pack 14

best ever

best ever

i passed the 150 preset mark in this pack with 'whump', one of my favorites. also check out 'miasma' and 'blisters'

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November 9, 2001 by the bainer5242 downloads

bainer avs pack 14 - best ever

Staff review

Very nice collection

There are definitely some good ones in here worth checking out. Very nice textures and movements to these.... 'spectres of the radiance' is especially nice.


Bainer's Best One - Very nice. Keep on goin'! - February 16, 2002 by reynaldo paes

well, lets break it down - All though there are many plug ins available this one falls a little short and could use more colorful settings so you will have to re configure some of these but all in all it is ok, never the less thanks to all who take the time and effort to create...those who can do those who can't....just look - November 11, 2001 by scott g-man