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The AVSociety returns

The AVSociety returns

The AVSociety returns with a remix compilation put together by Zen-X and Yathosho

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January 15, 2007 by The AVSociety6312 downloads

Back2Future - The AVSociety returns

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What a disappointment.

AVSociety was the first AVS supergroup. Formed in the very beginnings of AVS, it had among its members nearly all the best AVSers of the time. "Everyone" wanted to be good enough to be in the group. Its releases were consistently stellar and usually contained many revolutionary presets. And then it fell apart, seemingly for good. Flash forward a few years... some new groups, like the legendary Finnish Flash have waxed and, sadly, waned. Some, like Visbot are still more than active and making good packs. AVS has changed a lot since then. Things then unimaginable have been made possible, and yes, once brilliant, most AVSociety presets haven't aged all too brilliantly. The majority of the original crew has retired, and only a few remain active, and some only from time to time. And then, the idea of making a remix pack came up to some of them. And here it is. And no. It's not mind bogglingly brilliant. Not the best set of remixes around. Not what one'd expect from a pack released under the "AVSociety" moniker. It's just an average to good remix pack. The "modernisation" of many has unfortunately been somewhat painful, and the mixes simply fail to impress as much as the originals did back in the day. Memories of astonishment and wondering how exactly did the AVSer do that come flooding in. And then go away carried away by reality. There are only a few remixes I'd call very good or great in here. A lot of effort has been put in some of them, but, well... it's just not the same. Get it, but don't expect wonders. 4.25-


by now this pack is a classic itself! - February 11, 2011 by The AVSociety

Contains a virus - Don't install the plug in. It contains a virus. - February 27, 2007 by Heinz Horst

Please provide a title - not that any avsociety release was stellar, even to the standards back then. the talent came from people like tonic, catminddo, paranoya, horse-fly and maybe nixa. a fair amount of n00b presets could be found in any avsociety pack. - January 20, 2007 by A Guy called Yathosho