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Featured Plugin.

Featured Plugin.

by Suckho / Byterapers, Inc. Visualization plugin by Suckho/Byterapers, Inc. 1st place in Winamp plugin competition at Assembly'01 demo party. Direct3D8 required.

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February 1, 2003 by Saku Tiainen487822 downloads

B-Plugin - Featured Plugin.

Staff review

Beautifully rendered 3d visual

The graphics to this plug-in are very nice.... well done. The image itself is a volcano like platform erupting and turning and tilting in a dark smokey atmosphere. Either that... or it's a pulsating pizza... or a boiling pot of extra terrestrial pasta filmed with nauseating camera angles. Definitely worth checking out...especially if you have a fast machine and a good 3d card. It would be nice to see some more variety in the efx and visuals.


just..woooooooooooooooww!! thank you uploader - November 11, 2010 by [email protected]

Good grief! - What the hell is it!! it looks like some kind of smelling wart. Very cool though - August 30, 2004 by Tom Watts

Wow! - You can get sick if you still watching it more than 10 seconds, but it's the prettiest vis plugin i've seen in a lot of time, what doesn?t need a Pentium IV at 3 Ghz with 2 Gb of RAM and a GeForce 4 to see it well at complete window mode - August 30, 2004 by David Arroyo

fuckin tight - this one doesn't seem like much at first, but is really very cool - November 24, 2003 by B Rad

Oh well - Not many features and it reminds me things that are brown and stink dunno why.. 8) - April 16, 2003 by Ruben Stolp

ARGH DON'T SAY SUX YOU ASS - Yeah it's a great plugin. Not really my thing, but it works well and it writhes obscenely and damn me if I ever get disgusted by anything! Good job whoever you are and make some more! Yum. - February 25, 2003 by Toto Lord

Freakin' Awesome - This is great!!!! - December 30, 2002 by Nathan Smith

Good work. - I would like to see more smooth graphics and some variations i texture, but otherwise it's wery good. - November 9, 2002 by Johan Lidstrom

cool lookin' ... - eyecandy - i'd like to see a new version with maybe a few options to change the textures and great with harder kind o musik.get it! - August 14, 2002 by andreas finken


Maybe cause ur comp sux - To all u who say 'it sux, it doesn't work' apparently it worx if all these others say it's good. Its ur comp that doesn't work - July 8, 2002 by Casiquire Ziphonium

Spasmatic - A VERY weird volcano pizza with some sort of spazz disorder. Wicked cool. - May 16, 2002 by Gambit Pawn

This really kicks ass! - True that it's short on options, but even still it is a blast to watch. Especially with a tune that has quiet moments that build into a really hard beat. Simply fascinating to watch! Some extra skinz would be nice for it, like maybe a pizza or a good lava texture. Also would be nice to have control over rotation speed. Overall I have to say it's one of my favorites. - May 13, 2002 by John McPoyle

jyg - uyt - May 8, 2002 by D Lazz

=) - I just love it. It's great and it's finnish so keep up the good work Saku =) - May 1, 2002 by Riku V�limaa

Yeah! - Great work, mate! It looks great, but it is still quite simple! Besides that it's AWESOME!! Keep up that work! You're making us Finns famous! XDD - April 28, 2002 by Tuure Puurunen

THIS IS AWESOME - its like hypnotic haha its awesome if u lisen to aphex twin - strange formula on it its realy creepy - April 25, 2002 by Pat Glynn

Finnish is cool - It's beautiful, mesmerizing and Finnish. And a downloadable size. Click the link. - April 22, 2002 by AKX -

nice but BIG - looks nice and reacts to music good, looks a bit like the product ( - only 64K download) just make the cam zoom out a bit and include some more bits and it'l be cool - LOVE THE LOADING TIME!! - April 20, 2002 by gareth terrace

Wicked! But not THAT wicked... - This plugin has the perfect beat detection. It is SCARY if you listen to horror "classical" music along with this. It rumbles on and on for "rock" music. It's perfect for "Jazz" music. Wish there was colour-cycling and a less pastey looking volcano. Oh well, next version? - April 17, 2002 by script king

Amazing - Really amazing job, as always from the masters, Byterapers.. :D - April 14, 2002 by jDm (janzku Da masta)

WOOHOO!! - Tremendous! Fantastico! I love it! It's like a rumbling volcano, and the music is shooting the lava out. Definatly makes good use of our new PC! - January 26, 2002 by Nicholas Bertke

Kick Ass - This is one of the best visuals I've seen so far, Even though it looks like a trippy pizza. Nice work Saku Tiainen!! - November 25, 2001 by Ash Alldredge

matt whitney your computer sux - it is crap? it sux? well its rockin on my radeon kick ass plugin - October 12, 2001 by jeff .

like it - love it - August 19, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn

Phat Vis - But crushed up on me after 15 sec...My pc is going haywire!! - August 18, 2001 by ashik mahbub

Tight - This sh*ts tighter than a fat man breakdancin on speed. Very nice. - August 17, 2001 by sa -