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AVSocietyTV V4CD2

AVSociety returns...

AVSociety returns...

Once again after a long wait, we're back!This album of AVS presets is titled "AVSociety TV" It is dedicated to the rising of DESKMOD.COM . Our hope that it willresurrected from the ashes become reality. --- The Members of AVSociety

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February 6, 2002 by AVS Society21578 downloads

AVSocietyTV V4CD2 - AVSociety returns...

Staff review

Another quality AVS collection

The AVS Society has definitely returned.... another top notch collection with visuals by some of the best AVS artists out there. Needless to say, this pack is worth downloading. My one criticism: please don't steal my web browser window on install... that hurts.... (hitting the back button screws up the review database). Open a new window on install please.


Just Unconed Brain - I like a lot avs. About the three packs you've put in here i just realize one thing, Steven Wittens got the avs into a greater level, the genial basis of his dynamic movements and superscopes has been used by almost all the designers of your packs. The only two designers after Unconed who make something still a bit original are El-vis and Tonic. I shouldn't mention Ernst about this matter, but i have to! Can you tell me what the hell is wrong with his Z.E.N. preset? The screen is mostly white when i play it, no matter which kind of music. I have tried it in different systems, but no way, it's just white screen. What it supposes to be, a joke? Not to mention that all his presets are mostly the same, bye bye originality! Next time, try to better sort! Finally, I give you 5 stars only because of Steve Wittens presets in your packs and the contribute he gave to the avs that even nobody never mentioned. Without Unconed, frankly on my opinion, your three packs are no worthy more than two stars. There are a lot of artists rated lower than yours but definitely better than yours. - March 4, 2002 by raymond hebert

Too Much Talk! - Well, at least, Raymond had the good sense rating 5 stars these wonderful presets. But say that only El-vis and Tonic "make something a bit original" sounds out of reality. Ask El-vis or Tonic what do they think 'bout JayFatboy, Tuomas, littebuddy, Horse-Fly, NemoOrange and all the others Masters from AVSociety. Just to finish, what kind of machine do you have? The Z.E.N.preset from Ernst works perfectly in any normal computer and you don't know what you're missing, 'cause like all his others presets, it looks beautiful and not the same. Steve Wittens with the word.... - March 4, 2002 by joaquim jardim