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AVSocietyTV V4CD1

Featured AVS Preset, September 19, 2002.

Featured AVS Preset, September 19, 2002.

AVSociety returns... Once again after a long wait, we're back!This album of AVS presets is titled "AVSociety TV" It is dedicated to the rising of DESKMOD.COM . Our hope that it willresurrected from the ashes become reality. --- The Members of AVSociety

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September 16, 2003 by AVS Society387426 downloads

AVSocietyTV V4CD1 - Featured AVS Preset, September 19, 2002.

Staff review

The All Star AVS lineup

Needless to say, this collection is tiiiight. Enticing visuals from several top notch AVS artists make this an essential download. Quality and variety all the way thru... the AVS Society treats your eyes right.


theek hai - it is just ok does not suit well with some song s - December 31, 2005 by rash p

Quality Presets - Pure eye candy. I'll be linking all my mates up to this set... beautiful - May 2, 2005 by Tom Bamford

test - test - January 18, 2005 by Michael Clay

AVSociety - Awesome visual program a must have! - January 5, 2005 by xytras xytras

mmmmm - 5 stars,but give me more I LIKE IT - January 29, 2003 by Oliver Djoric

It Shoul Be On Top! - All the Masters together only could give us this, a fantastic quality of presets. - April 30, 2002 by beth matos

Just Unconed Brain - I like a lot avs. About the three packs you've put in here i just realize one thing, Steven Wittens got the avs into a greater level, the genial basis of his dynamic movements and superscopes has been used by almost all the designers of your packs. The only two designers after Unconed who make something still a bit original are El-vis and Tonic. I shouldn't mention Ernst about this matter, but i have to! Can you tell me what the hell is wrong with his Z.E.N. preset? The screen is mostly white when i play it, no matter which kind of music. I have tried it in different systems, but no way, it's just white screen. What it supposes to be, a joke? Not to mention that all his presets are mostly the same, bye bye originality! Next time, try to better sort! Finally, I give you 5 stars only because of Steve Wittens presets in your packs and the contribute he gave to the avs that even nobody never mentioned. Without Unconed, frankly on my opinion, your three packs are no worthy more than two stars. There are a lot of artists rated lower than yours but definitely better than yours. - March 4, 2002 by raymond hebert

Best Presets, Bad Installation - These must be the best presets I have ever seen!!! Especially Zen-X's Tonic for the Mind and Yathosho's Fusion just dropped my eyes off... The installation system is bad, and I would like to give you guys only 4 stars because of it, but you just rock so seriously that I must give 5 stars!!! - March 3, 2002 by Olli Etuaho

I Can't Stand It! - Sorry everybody, but I'm getting tired to read so many idiots reviews. It's more than time to Winamp's staff change, or at least, think in some other way to the public participation. Some mental troubled guys like Janne Manne, Isaac Delongchamp, Tommy Anderson, among few others, comes here only to show how frustaded they are. How can someone rate l star a masterpiece like this? What do they want here? With their rating many incredible works go to distant pages and lots of people don't have the chance to know them. Come on the staff, do something please, NOW!!!!!!!! - February 27, 2002 by tais jardim

Gee whiz... - Never, will anything get any better. I thought the most insane stuff was already taken in AVSociety - Restarting the Millenium. I gotta stop making those false special attention to "Groovy Attractors" by EL-VIS, "Supafly" by Littlebuddy, and "Tonic for the Mind" by Zen-X, they got somethin' special in those. Download CD's 2 and 3, as well! - February 10, 2002 by Nathan Kelmers

Simple And Wonderful - Each time I watch the AVSocietyTV series is a new journey of visual magic. Just don't understand how professional avs artists can find any difficulty with the installation. I think it's only jealousy. These and all the new AVSociety's presets are the best you can get from this incredible world of visualizations, created by the Masters. Don't make any sense rating it less than 5 stars. - February 8, 2002 by joaquim jardim

The Installation.... - I just hate nothing more than AVSocietys Installation sytems. It installs the presets two times!!? whats the point of that? And after installation it just FORCES me (it doesnt ask) to go to their homepage what is the last place i want to go. But the presets is REALLY GOOD!!. But why AVSociety publishes 3 times. Why cannot make one big pack of presets?? Now i have to write this comment for every pack. But i wont... - February 7, 2002 by AvSM (Antti Ahokas)