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Atero TFF 3 0

Featured AVS Preset, July 24, 2003.

Featured AVS Preset, July 24, 2003.

The astonishingly dark and nasty secrets of loose. Third time's a charm. The Forward Flow's best yet!11

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September 16, 2003 by dirk deftly31183 downloads

Atero TFF 3 0 - Featured AVS Preset, July 24, 2003.

Staff review

Very nice collection

There are some really original and good looking visuals in this pack. From fast moving intense patterns to relaxing rain drop style visuals; good variety all around. 'Not So Plad' is probably my favorite in the collection, excellent colors, patterns, and foreground/background layer interaction.


dont mean to sound White but its Awesome!!! - this guy is the shiet, his packs are refreshing and very colorful, Im amazed at his Skill on his use of colors, just the visuals amazing. I can stare at his work and my jaw drops at some of the things he's done. 5 stars even though there were some that i didn't like. But not enough to give less then a five star rating. Even his Primer is one of the most useful noobie tool ive seen. Others barely touch on how to do things While his primer really expalin how things really work and how to manipulate it. Keep Up the Shizzle!!!!! - June 4, 2004 by DJ 10

tff? - The fucking fucker? *idiot hides ;) nice work - August 1, 2003 by idiot .

YES,YES, YES - Really nice. Thats all I gotta say. - July 26, 2003 by Ruben N