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Arkaos Visualizer 1_4

There is tutorial for the authoring tool available at

There is tutorial for the authoring tool available at

Add video to your music! ArKaos' VISUALIZER is a free, real-time video sampler, downloadable from their site. The VISUALIZER plugs into the MP3 players Real Juke Box 2 / Real Player8 / Media Player 7 / Winamp / Soundjam, allowing users to play graphic effect visuals with any MP3, .WAV or .AIFF file. ArKaos' beat-matching technology synchronizes to the percussion and bass-lines of your music and integrates video-effect sequences seamlessly with your tunes. The VISUALIZER comes with 2 visual files (.KOS) pre-loaded, but you can download new ones every week from their site. VISUALIZER is derived from the same ArKaos engine capable of running 60 real-time effects with still images, flash animations and QuickTimes that runs the visuals at concerts given by Daft Punk, Front 242, M People, U2, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Jarre, Zucchero, The Scorpions, etc. ArKaos software is also used (directly) by U2, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox and Roger Sanchez to create the visuals for their events. Check it ouuut!

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March 12, 2001 by jean-francois claeys65826 downloads

Arkaos Visualizer 1_4 - There is tutorial for the authoring tool available at

Staff review

Make custom visuals for your music

Very nifty visualization tool that allows you to manipulate images and animations into music videos. This plug-in is the Visualizer aspect of the Arkaos software set. Meaning, you don't actually make the files with this app... this allows you to view .kos or arkaos files inside your Winamp and add efx to them. Go to for more info on the apps needed to actually make your own .kos files. Also, you can grab free video downloads there. -dg


It Doesn't Work - This piug-in isn't worth downloading. Don't download this pice of shit. It doen't do what it says it does. - April 4, 2004 by Curiousity_Kills_The_Cat Under_The_Table_Fan

This is the worst - Plugin I ever seen. You must install Quicktime tu run it and thats sucks - July 10, 2001 by qwe rtz

Chad-Scallywag-Wallsend-Gabbo - a nice plugin download now looks good :) - June 21, 2001 by Chad oh

Thats Mr Austin to You. - This Sucks, noone download it. - May 5, 2001 by Nicholas Hamilton