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Melody Animator at your service. Now version 3.1

Melody Animator at your service. Now version 3.1

Prepare to be taken away; the Animator Pro 3.1 Plug-In is here. Anytime you listen to music, a swirling array of colors and animations will fill your screen, dancing to the beat of the music. Animator Pro has many different color themes to go along with an even greater diversity of animations. You can adjust the animations and colors that fill the screen to your own personal mood. Install now, and prepare to be amazed!

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May 2, 2006 by Egor aka GoHa Glass3D168684 downloads

Animator - Melody Animator at your service. Now version 3.1

Staff review

I wasn't all that amazed (read below) but this worked well and has a range of effects for adjustment though this is a cut down version with a fuller product available from purchase from the author's site.
The correct integration with Winamp 5.x vis api was good to see (like how Milkdrop works)


Not great - Since this was the top-rated visualization when I downloaded it, I had high hopes. Those hopes were dashed, as this visualization is seriously pathetic. Not only that, but they try charging you for a full version, which would just be a larger piece of crap than the free piece of crap. Stick with Milkdrop. - June 18, 2007 by Matt Black

Good! - It works really well and has lots of great visualizations. Thanks - May 16, 2006 by Stiv Charley

Great! - Excellent vis! I like it! - May 8, 2006 by El Rubad