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Albedo Plugin

Best plugin ever

Best plugin ever - beats Geiss hands down

Works in Windowed mode, Full Screen, and Desktop (replaces wallpaper). It has the largest selection of combinations and just changes constantly - absolutely hypnotizing. But you must install DirectX first!

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October 25, 2000 by Imad Jureidini733431 downloads

Albedo Plugin - Best plugin ever - beats Geiss hands down

Staff review

Let you eyes wander

One of the most solid visualization plug-ins for Winamp. Large amount of variety and user control. The function keys allow for you to switch and lock transitions and render modes. The visuals themselves are great.... anyone who is interested in seeing a psychadelic showcase to their mp3's wants this plug-in. -dg


Better than Geiss? - I think not. This is a good plug in, but the arrogance is a bit dissatisfying... - October 26, 2003 by Indiglo Pulse

Try the settings - Works in background mode to turn the desktop into the visualizer with icons & windows floating on top, but wait... Try the Albedo desktop theme and the visualization shows through everywhere, so you can read text that scrolls over top of the visualization. A little hard to concentrate on what's written but does it EVER look cool. PS. I've had No Problems with this, you just need to try adjusting plug-ins display sizes to see which one works best. - June 1, 2003 by Jules Yassir

nice thing, no problem - I had no problems installing it, just unpack in winamp2 plugins folder. Works different depending on the kind of music you play but can show very nice varying effects. And if you want you can use space and/or F6 to change. In fact it's more subtle and variable of itself than a lot of visualization plugins. - May 18, 2003 by Jaap Greijdanus

When it works, it works - Okay, so it's hard to set up and impossible to configure, but when it works, IT WORKS. It's SO COOL. In desktop mode it replaces your background picture with the vis. Also, it makes a certain hue of neon green transparent. This happens to be the same hue that ICQ uses in its flower. Guess what that means? You can create see-through objects that show the desktop vis. So, if you want to make windows a LOT more interesting, you can make everything bright green...but it's best used tastefully. Again, it is near impossible to set up, it has compatibility issues with EVERYTHING, and's all around unstable. But if("when" if you're persistant and buy new hardware until it works) you finally acheive that delicate balance where everything's the coolest plugin on the whole damn planet. NOTE: *if* you can balance it...*if* - December 10, 2002 by Simeon Jewell

confusing - confusing, hard to even get it installed. Then a big manual of controls for it.... - July 11, 2002 by Duke Jupiter

YOU SICK LITTLE MONKEY! - This is some kind of fucking joke is it not?I wanna hunt down the crack addict who made this piece of shit plug in and beat the living shit out of him! It is boring as hell,and me, even as a well educated computer buff do not know how to control it. Not only that, but it crashed my fucking Winamp! P.s. who ever made this, please go fuck yourself before someone chops your dick off, you asshole wanker. - March 28, 2002 by Audrey Myers

I like to watch it... - I won?t say it is better than this or that, but I like it very much, I use it most of the time. It is very nice, but harder to install than other visualizations that I tried. - March 26, 2002 by G�bor Holics

A great plugin - OK, it's not as fast as geiss, and it's not the best, but I often prefer it to geiss because of the window feature, and I like all the effects it has - geiss's effects are all based on a simple waveform, albedo can do waveforms, line art, blobs, stars... - March 18, 2002 by iamafish .

Interesting... - Not the best plugin around and certainly not the worse. There are things that certainly make it worthwhile, such as the background mode, and also some quite original concepts, but still it gets let down. Sometimes there will be just too much going on to appreciate it, or other times it will rip something off, but not even come close to the original. Worth looking at, but it isn't going to replace anything. - August 26, 2001 by Kevin Morgan

hrmm... i like, real nice - But, theres one slight problem... it doesnt fit my whole screen, nore does it have any real configuration ability. youd get my fifth star if you atleast included configuration for screen size =). other than that, its good. - July 29, 2001 by forlan bell

Very nice - It is the only plugin that i can display it on the entire screen, and i still cand work around. If you haven't tryied the background mode, your'e missing a cool feature. - May 30, 2001 by Silviu Gh

Don't waste your time - It's not worth the 2 second download. Yes, it responds well to sound. No, it does not look good. Yes, there are better plugins. No, you will not enjoy looking at Albedo. Yes, it is painful to watch in its boring, pixelized simplicity. Yes, you should download Geiss instead. - May 8, 2001 by Alex Timofeyev

Nice plugin, bad install method - First of all i want to say it looks very nice. I read a review saying it beat geiss, well i have to agree on that. It really responds well to music and the visuals are very nice to say the least. But the installation isnt so well. It is a zip file, you have to extract all the files into the plugin folder (what can be difficult for the un experienced users). And then you have to get all commands out of a text file, there is no actual help in the plugin itself. If they would have fixed that i wouldnt have said 1 bad word about this one. It really has nice effects... - March 30, 2001 by Paul Paulus