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Plava 2

Zelena - Plava 2

Zlatko Kreso's Comments:

Green for the masses.

By the time I am submitting this the original Plava (by me) hasn't even been uploaded and reviewed by the staff here yet..


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August 13, 2006 by Nullsoft Classicz14907 downloads

Zelena - Plava 2 - Zelena - Plava 2

Staff review

Green dream...

WOW, I'm somewhat knocked out by this one. This is one tight design. It all looks so clean and crisp, beautiful lines,

excellent use of shading , just wow, download this now, or you are seriously missing out on something. Excellent. -J-

Original design by Zlatko Kreso

WA5 update by Jones


Nice work! - baby green! works fine... and looks good on black or green or even gold themed desktops... I like it! 5***** - May 9, 2007 by Daphne Moatsou

Cool Green - Good, cool, clear style. Easy to adapt and alter: both sizing and fonts. I keep returning to this when I get tired of the all other skins! - February 12, 2007 by Philip Young

doctor shlucker to room 418 - this reminds me of the walls of an old hospital, and the smell of puke and old-people's diapers. - December 9, 2006 by jesse g

It's beautiful, but... - I love this skin wholeheartedly, it was the first I tried after looking at almost all of them. I quickly found though, that it's too busy and there's not enough contrast for those with extremely bad vision. It made me go crosseyed when I was trying to adjust stuff on it. - September 29, 2006 by Megan Barnhart