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Featured Skin, August 8, 2002.

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September 28, 2002 by Willfisher Naamloos1256958 downloads

Yaxay3 - Featured Skin, August 8, 2002.

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Congrats to Willfisher and Naamloos for winning the skinning contest from Your herd of llamas will be packaged and shipped out to you immediately.


Cool - It\'s very cool. - October 25, 2006 by alvaro gonzalez

marfa - the coolest - January 11, 2006 by ady ady

yax-yay - there hasnt been 1 yaxay skin that i havent liked yet. And again, the good people at have made another awesome skin. - June 15, 2004 by Jordan M

call this X Mister - Orange and bare steel giva a mechano feel to an urban flavored skin. Smooth and shiny. I like. - January 11, 2004 by Peter Omeara

Simply, "Da BoMb" - I use new-clear, but my brother uses this skin, and when I use winamp on his computer, I make myself actually sure that winamp is the best place for music and skins! It's the best feeling in the world!!! - November 9, 2003 by Ruben Martinez

Awesome!!!! - Oh man, I love this skin so much I would eat it .. only ... well ... it might hurt my throat cause of the monitor glass and everything... but it is really awesome I think I love the little spin dial in the middle and the way you control the equalizer and the thinger I give you 30 stars out of 5 hehehehe - October 4, 2003 by Michael Styles

WTF - Has no frikken menu for choosing songs, so every time i wana get another song i gotta load a new skin and get back into it - September 19, 2003 by Ben Fredalinski

Great stuff! - This is the best skin I've ever downloaded. This will make your current favorite skin suck in comparison. Kudos to Willfisher Naamloos, certainly a lot of thought and skill put into this. - September 7, 2003 by Jim Mc Manus

so pretty and it wont load ! - *sniff sniff* I wish it would work on my computer. But from what I have seen of it from other ppl's computers, I love the layout. Putting together an original and distinctly bold winamp skin is very difficult, and this one aint to small and aint too large either. but because it deosn't work--have a 4 - July 30, 2003 by rach jo

Fantastic - It`s great skin. Yaxay3 on my second top list. I`m searching lot for more skin like this, this skin is like i wanted - July 27, 2003 by Tandy Laurus

The X effect - this skin is one of the greatest skins on winamp. Its got a unique style i've yet to find anywhere else. though its not the best its atleast one of them - June 12, 2003 by Anzah Niazi

Cool - Very nice, smooth, the beez knees, Just the right size. Dunno what the spinny bit in the middle is all about though..and its a bit awkward when clicking on the thinger you accidentally change volume or position in track. Also Colour themes would be nice. V2 maybe? - April 14, 2003 by Ross Whitehead

SO COOL! and Original - This skin its so good and original design!! Its so functional too. - March 31, 2003 by carmen sanchez

Clean, Crisp & Very neat. - Yeah man, well nice look & feel to this skin. Works well, intuitive controls & nice to use. - March 29, 2003 by Jay Dubster

My top skin - My favourite skin so far - smooth in operation and looks great, easy to use but doesn't take up too much screen space. Only bugbear is that it doesn't save the positions of the 'drawers' between sessions... - March 25, 2003 by James Matter

You've answered my prayers - Its perfect. Simply perfect. Just the right size, perfect layout! - March 7, 2003 by Tanner Gregory

Jesus Christ.. - The best skin I've ever seen made in the history of my use of Winamp!! Bloody brilliant! - February 8, 2003 by Thomas McCarten

Pretty cool - This skin is pretty amazing. Nice work! - February 8, 2003 by carl yeksigian

hmpf - im finding it hard to do stuff on it, like open playlist editor... :/ - February 7, 2003 by Andrew Gamble

f*c*ing sweet - damn...this is jealOUS! lol...nice job. - December 13, 2002 by bEeZm bEeZm

* * * * * - pretty and high-tech skin,we can to admir the work of the authors. - December 6, 2002 by trevor bull

Good Job - Great Skin, Just add a winshade and the five stars are yours! - November 21, 2002 by Lucas Newman

Awesomy - some of the BEST concepts, is original and goodie... excellent... just the "jump the song" is not a hootie.. but is goodie :) - October 31, 2002 by Jorge Martinez

A must have... - Definately one worth getting...very artistic and functional. 10/10... - October 1, 2002 by Storm Taylor

Sweet.... - This is by far the best skin i have found for windamp 3 yet. greate job. everybody who reads this then download this skin. :) - September 28, 2002 by Taylor K.

Bad-ass - This skin is practical, easy to use, and down right friggin' cool! If you don't have it, get it. If you don't want to get it, take your opinion and cram it up your a** and download it anyway! - September 22, 2002 by Steffie C.

Damn, this is cool! - Sleek lines, great colour scheme, and awesome moving parts! Just an amazing skin! - September 21, 2002 by Johnny Blade

like the modern design - like the modern design - September 21, 2002 by Jared Ross

Beautiful - Neat and cool. Hope this wins! - September 21, 2002 by Abhimanyu Ghoshal

This is going to go bad isn't it? - With the way those thingies come out of the sides like that, I KNOW someone is going to do it... they are going to make the 'penis skin'... Anyway, this skin rocks. Check it. - September 20, 2002 by Kris Gaffny

Brilliant - This skin is amazing from the sheer beauty to its intuitive interface. I love the sliding menus they are easily the best part probably my favorite winamp skin available. Great work! - September 19, 2002 by Rob MacNeil

Very original - Creative and refreshingly different. A few usability issues, such as the text reversal on menus, button states. But overall, an impressive skin. Good work. - September 14, 2002 by Vytas Gaizutis

very very very nice - hey, Naamloos if you read this fine, if not that's ok. I just wanted to say congrats on the wonderful ratings. anywayz this skin is perfect in enery aspect i have been using it some much i can't remember how long i have had it. FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO WANT A GREAT SKIN THIS IS THE ONE ,NOT TO BIG NOR SMALL. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS SKIN. IT IS VERY EASY TO USE TO. THANKS FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT SKIN MAN!!!!!!!!!! - September 13, 2002 by cameron fahrbach

realy - great, grat, grat skin - September 12, 2002 by Tihomir Pantovic

creative layout - GOOD: I love the styling. I want to play with it like a puppy and have it lick my face. BAD: The color scheme for the menus assumes a default color. I use dark blue so the highlighted text is lost. The playlist editor be wacked. Shizzile a fixile? - September 12, 2002 by spoony fork

Great but the color scheme sucks - It's fun (as what the name implies, i figure). Could use a 'lil more creativity though. - September 12, 2002 by psychelite *

great skin - This skin kicks butt-good work Willfisher. - September 12, 2002 by Michael Lichterman

smack it up - solid skin..that is the quality the world needs.. - September 12, 2002 by Matt Burgoon

Close To Perfection - What a great skin, with just a few very tiny changes this would be perfect, great job! - September 11, 2002 by John Pullen

Playlist - This skin isn't very fond of the Playlist Editor, but it's still very good. Love the colors. - September 11, 2002 by Jeff Cook

Is cool but it has some bugs - U cannot minimize the play-list editor without losing the data this gets annoying after some time. In rest is just plain cool. Good job - September 11, 2002 by Horia Dobre

Just Plain Awesome - I love it! It's got a nice size, the colours go really well, and the moving pieces top the whole thing off. Very, Very well done! - September 8, 2002 by Mark Olaveson

Nice - this skin is great, best i've seen so far, it also matches the site very well well done - September 8, 2002 by Alix Davies

Best so far. - This is the cleanest and easiest to use skin out there to me right now.. - September 7, 2002 by Will Yan

overrated - it is nice but I don't like the form and the most important buttons are just way too hidden a good skin should be controllable by looking at it 3 seconds or less - September 7, 2002 by sputter supper

cool! and some feedback - hey hey, i'm really interested in your style of design, esp. with the slide-in and -out thinger and eq. this is a very interesting new style-type of skin design and layout. and, since there is no window-shade mode, it changes size and configuration in a whole new way. a window-shade mode might be nice, though-- especially if it used one slide-out item-bar for it being smaller, unlike this ver with 2 which would be the Normal View. the entire functionality of the skin is altered for the skin you use, from location to buttons to the design and organizational methodology. this is a good thing. i'm excited for when you come out with a newer version, possibly in diffent colors! - September 6, 2002 by nyc boi

perfect - he man, this skin is perfect. it s the best winamp skin what ever was made. in germany yuo would say it s "hammer geil". do it again - September 5, 2002 by peter oechsle

If there was a.... - If there was a 6 stars rating, I would give it a 7. This is BY FAR the best skin so far. Keep up the good work. I hope to see more from you - September 2, 2002 by Johnny Douhhget

futuristc and impressive - Well, I can't say most of these skins are very well made. But this one is actually good. It's very nicely constructed, not too difficult to play with unless your an old dog who can't deal with too much coolness. Not a bad skin, for a beta version. And it hasn't crashed my computer yet so I recommend it. - September 1, 2002 by Nar Sterking

The best HAD!!! - Its great but it gets confusing, BUT next time, add some components in the thinger - August 31, 2002 by William Solis

most sophisticated - Yes definitely the most sophisticated skin! It is so sophisticated it made sign up so I could write this review. :-) But I do have a wishlist still: - make it resizeable - how about opacity settings? But anyhow very very good work! - August 31, 2002 by Lasse Pommerenke

Cool - It has a lot of smart functions. Cool designed. Its the best skin ever. Nice job!!! - August 29, 2002 by linus werner

Cool, but... huge. - It's a beautiful skin. I agree that it's well-designed, but it's just too big, even on a 1280 x 1024 resolution. :( - August 29, 2002 by Ben Wipperman

Bautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I agree it's lil too big, but still!! This skin kicks ass!! The colors are great and i like the layout tooooooo! WOW make more skins like this one!!!!!!!!! - August 29, 2002 by Adrian Pandev

gotta love X's - X marx the spot. - August 28, 2002 by tonny schwarzmer

Sweet - best winamp3 skin yet. good job. - August 28, 2002 by The Terror that flaps in the night

Yeah!!! There's A God!!!! - My favourite Skin Yet!!!! Create something like this and I'll Download it no matter the size!!!! Great Job Man!!!! - August 28, 2002 by Danny Jackson

Killer skin - This skin is the best I've seen yet. I keep trying to find one better, but this one just keeps beating them all! Way to go! - August 27, 2002 by Matt White

Just lil' tweeks... - Dude, sweet-ass skin. The only thing keepin' me from scorin' you 5 stars is just lil' tweeks: when I click on the left side of the skin, the song's progress bar will jump to that location, like I've clicked directly on it. Fix that, and you've got a perfect skin. - August 27, 2002 by Eric Gabel

simplicity is key - easy navigation, cool design, cute and simple... a original and a very brilliant idea... two thumbs up.... - August 27, 2002 by carla ramos

LOL - I just said in another review that a skin all other ones onwz .. guess I was wrong... WOW got no other words for this one... Man this one rox!! so easy to use and yet so beautiful... I dont like this skin.. I WANNA MARRY IT !!! :D :D :D - August 26, 2002 by Wizler Daeminator

Best Winamp 3 skin so far - What can I say? Nice layout, easy to use, all the buttons easy to find, looks beautiful, neatly produced feature allows the equaliiser, the thinger and the main control panel to all become one, and no curved edges means no need to turn the Desktop Alpha on. Overall, this is the best Winamp 3 skin so far - it performs in all catagories. - August 26, 2002 by Tom Scott

Sah-weet! - One of the coolest friggin' skins I've ever seen! The little... shape, thing, in the center spins! Very nifty looking skin with pure functionality! Good stuff. - August 26, 2002 by Shikaku Akurei

NICE - NICE AGAIN! - August 26, 2002 by Jonny Sheinfeld

10 stars, yeh, outta 5!!! - i wudve deleted winamp 3 and stuck 2 winamp 2, but... well... this skin, which is sooooooooooooooo good, made me change my mind!! yeh baby yeh!!!!!!! - August 26, 2002 by heart attack

Etwas, wo alle drauf gewartet haben - That`s nice. das beste was hier uberhaupt gepostet wurde. Super Skin, sehr klein und ubersichtlich verarbeitet. Weiter so. Knud - August 25, 2002 by Knud Schaeffer

c'est magnifique - One of the best WA3 skins I've seen, and it's in orange, my favorite color! - August 25, 2002 by Josh !

Verry nice. - The skin is pretty cool. I really like the design and color scheme. Everything looks really smooth. There could be a few improvements though. The volume and seek sliders sometimes pick up mouse clicks when you click on areas close to but not over the volume or seek sliders. This is a little annoying when you move winamp, or use the Thinger or Equalizer. It would be helpfull if there were info popup bubbles when you hold the mouse over the buttons and such to give some help to figuring out what the buttons do. Lastly, i miss the small visualisation normally on winamp... the bouncing equalizer bars or osciloscope that is normally on winamp. Maybe either a small version of that to be place in the center of the player where that spinning thing is, or encorporated into the equalizer. Its a very nice player. Good job. - August 25, 2002 by Jason Wentland

HMMMMMMMM NOT BAD!! - Hey men this skin is nuts i meant that i like it!Its just like earning quick money! SAY talking about money plz visit to make money...You get paid for sending and recieving mails here! - August 24, 2002 by Mohan Pillai

Really slick!! - This was one of the first skins I downloaded for WA3, It's great! ;) - August 24, 2002 by Kathy Stewart

[email protected] THIS THING ROXXX!!! - This thing kicks sooo much @$$ that it isnt even funny! [email protected] this thing roxxx! I love the whole setup, especially since all other skins *which i like some of em* you have an eq and thinger in 2 dif things than the main body of the skin... This one has it all in 1 and the PL actually goes along with it!! THIS THING ROXXX!! HOW DID YOU COME UP WIT THE KICK@$$ IDEA?? d:) - August 24, 2002 by >_

Sweeet! - Love Chrome...Love Orange. Sweet Design! Very Futuristic to me:) - August 23, 2002 by Vina Galindo

wow - very beautiful - August 23, 2002 by Michiel W

Best WinAmp3 Skin Yet - I have no idea how the heck this came to mind. I have no idea if there's symbolism to the little hypnotic orange spinny-thing. But it's a very good skin, well-done and well-functional. Not too big or too small, either. - August 23, 2002 by Daniel Gooch

CRAZY AWESOME - Most winamp skins are a pain in the ass because people put the buttons and knobs wherever, and sometimes its hard 2 click them, but this awesome. Its the best winamp3 skin. The color scheme is awesome and its really cool under prefrences, and it is so smoooth. Do wish you could make it bigger tho, not just double size. The little spinner thingy looks like a turntable. Is it perhaps spinning at 33 1/3 RPM cuz it looks like a little record combined with a lava lamp. Awesome Skin Thanx -Matt - August 21, 2002 by Matt Barszcz

Wow! - A very different skin! Looks great, and I love the little spinning "dial" in the middle. A few gripes, the playlist viewer always remained empty, even if there were mp3's queued and it seems that I may well have been able to extend the thinger to near infinite proportions, if I didn't run out of monitor first. That aside, look forward to your next skin! - August 20, 2002 by The Mentalist

Yummy - X's always look good - August 20, 2002 by shawn j

Awesome skin, but . . . - what the heck IS Yaxay? - August 20, 2002 by Reed P.

Muy bueno - Me he bajado todos los skins del winamp3 q me gustaban, pero este es el mejor sin duda alguna. Los efectos y el dise?o son flipantes. - August 20, 2002 by jimmy soderman

Yeah - What can i say, its a great skin, it simply rocks, however, im looking forwards for more skins like this ;) - August 20, 2002 by Fredrik Wicksell

Excellent!!! - This is the best skin I've seen! It's simply gorgeous! - August 20, 2002 by Eric Bordeau

ONE OF THE BEST - I love the volume and track bar. That spinning thing in the center was a very very good idea. A equalizer would of been nice but it still is perfect without it. This is a MUST download. Keep up the good work im looking forward to skins from you in the future - August 19, 2002 by Chris Sewell

Good looking and easy to use - This is the best of the new winamp 3 skins I've seen. It is not gigantic like the old winamp skins, but it is big enough to understand. The one thing I like most about this skin is, IT dont lOok GAY YO! - August 18, 2002 by Mike Kocher

GREAT!!! - this skin is what I wanted... Unique, good color combination... and easy to use... very complete! - August 18, 2002 by Ervin Sam Yray

Simply The Best!! - Well this skin is awesome!! Functional easy too use grat colour combination! And I luv this spinning thingie :D Grat for listening to Dj Doboy's mixes :D Always bet on Yaxay - August 18, 2002 by [email protected] [email protected]

great skin! - yo, this is just AWESOME!, great skin, compliments my desktop and graphics perfectly, bright colors like that are normally to stay away from, but your use of shape and form is just PERFECT and really makes the colors stand out more. GREAT JOB, can't wait to see your next work. only prob i have are the bottom control buttons seem hard to click sometimes, but this still deserves 10 stars, but i can only give you 5, so HA - August 17, 2002 by Matt R

wonderful - This is an early favorite for me. It is easy to find all the controls and is visually clean. Good job! - August 17, 2002 by Cat Dreamer

yeah - good work - August 15, 2002 by zack huber

Somebody said 'It really whips...' - (But STOP) I continue to say: the futuristic style of sculptures(=skins...) on screens and music. It's a good reason for somebody's working in Delphi to change his programming orientation to VC, Maki, Wasabi, etc, too for to understand the bases of "free style" programming. (Sorry for grammatical mistakes. I'm not good in this). All the best. Lorand from Hungary. - August 15, 2002 by UJAFLVI-PAPP LORAND

very cool - mad ill skin dude !!! keep it up !!! - August 15, 2002 by Rocco Grajauskas

Very Unique - This skin looks very sharp, has a high tech feel, and is generally a treat for your eyes. - August 15, 2002 by Rick Klein

Pierce B. - Ich find der Skin isch hammers..... - August 15, 2002 by James Bond

Yaxay3 Rulesssssssssssssssss - Yaxay3 Rules it the coolest thing that ever existed DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yer it rule it realy realy realy RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - August 15, 2002 by Dylan MacKenzie

Phenomenal work - Incredible job done on this one. Very sleek and functional. The drawers for the equalizer and the thinger are great, and the seek and volume bars along the crosses of the X are a nice touch. Everything works well in it; definitely one of my very favorite skins. Only thing it lacks in my mind is the ability to mess around with the color scheme. *nods* - August 15, 2002 by Drex Olympus

State Of Art - realy compact, good design what can I say? just great - August 14, 2002 by rad_one rad_one

Hello from Croatia - Theese new skins revolutinazed winamp 'cause it doesn't matter what shape it has it is always some3thing new.This skin is nice and smooth. NIce colors and shapes... - August 14, 2002 by Matija Meif

SWEEEEET - this is the best winamp3 skin i seen yet. the rolling eq and quickie things are awsome. only thing is, i think it messes my crossfade up :-\ - August 14, 2002 by HARISH B.M.

PERFECT! - Wow... this skin is just amazing! Great animations and really clean interface. It's a small, altough GREAT skin, you can clearly see all the buttons necessary to control your file, it's just AMAZING. I love it! :) - August 14, 2002 by Andre Morais

The BEST yaXay Skin Created! - Damn... All I can say is Damn... I love all of the xaXay's Skins... But this one is just... DAMN! - August 13, 2002 by Daniel Bradshaw

awesome - Sup to all ya mofos. This skin's the hottest shit. It's definitely on the cutting edge. Download it now... word is bond. - August 12, 2002 by Tedy_B -

Best If - It had differetn color themes. All in all though I love haw it can be made compact or spread, and all the features are withing the main window, no more right clicking - August 12, 2002 by Randy Hanson

Just kidding - My bad, there is a playlist editor, its just hard to find, you have to use the thinger bar to get it - August 12, 2002 by Gordon Duff

Very Nice - Amazing amp. Easy to use and looks awsome to go with it - August 11, 2002 by Jive Turkey

Fantastic!!! - That's the best skin for Winamp 3 - August 11, 2002 by Christian Hopfenzitz

yeah nice but i gat a probleam - i dont know how to make skins so if some Mr. niceguy there can help me out e mail me at [email protected] - August 10, 2002 by luis guerra

Great - Its a great skin, easy to use. The colors are nice and the graphic definition is good. I like a lot!. - August 9, 2002 by Joaquin Pabon

It good - I like - August 9, 2002 by Daniel Gutierrez