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XPT Media Player 8

"Windows Media Player 8"

"Windows Media Player 8"

Update Winamp 2.9 include vidamp skin.

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April 7, 2003 by Carlos Hdz.62597 downloads

XPT Media Player 8 - "Windows Media Player 8"

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Loved it! Looks the exactly the same as xp blue - Just great loved it best skin ever and no faults! well so far that is. - September 16, 2004 by Kieron Ross

Excellent Skin! - This is by far the best XP integrated style skin I've seen. Matches my Blue XP theme (from perfectly and is the best Media Player lookalike skin I've seen for Winamp. Makes winamp look very stylin'! Definite 5/5!! MAD PROPS TO Carlos Hdz!!!! - July 21, 2004 by Christopher Brownell

Its Funky! - It doesnt even look like a classic skin its COOL and FUNKY the colors look dull on the site but they are not once u download it .. everything is visible on it cursors are cool orange colored Id give it a thumbs up ;) - March 8, 2004 by naureen soomro

Best. - My one and only favorite skin. Easy to use and easy to read. Windowshade mode could be a bit better (hard to see anything), anyway i never use it that way. - July 1, 2003 by chao tix

Luv it, xcept - It's aa pure excellent skin, cept i reckon have the cursor so big kinda recks it, makes it look to childish. Othe than that it's great. - January 26, 2003 by Ken Walton

OK. - Could be more 3D, play/stop buttoms bigger, too much dark space in EQ - January 25, 2003 by Gintars Simon

user-friendly - What you lack in English skills, you make up for in skinning skills. I'm assuming you mimicked the design rather than simply using 'print screen' and pasting new graphics on. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The Cursors are a little large, though. - January 25, 2003 by D/\N CH/\|>M/\N

IT'S O.K. - Highly Stable Operational Enviroment. take Care ,SepehrKhan. - January 22, 2003 by Sepehr Goftari

cabron - yo quisiera hacer skins como ese entren a - January 20, 2003 by daniel navarro