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It is so blue

It is so blue

The BLUE skin..I've skinned most of the windows of winamp & it's plugins(I've also included an AVS file,those who know how to extract it,may use it).Hope u like the skin.
NOTE:There is no cuttlebar.The vis setting must be set to :: thickbands,normal or fire style(so that the skin looks better).

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August 30, 2005 by Thiru kumaran277645 downloads

xBLUEx - It is so blue

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Smurf Hi-Fi?

Thank you for your submission.


Blue - Hello: this is my first time doing this but me i like the color i am a blue lover and i think this skin is great..i like to see stuff move all the time and i love to play with buttons on my own player in my car so i am a button fan ,color and things that move while you play with winamp maybe being 45 is old fashioned i like to see bubbles and stuff things move anthing out their and btw keep up the good work this skin is way cool i will keep it... - September 23, 2005 by Pam Dean

good but.. - yeah this skin looks kinda hifi nut the playlist is kinda not matching but... nice work skinning many windows,the cursors look a bit rough though but a good skin for my collection - September 1, 2005 by ram krish