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Wurlitzer V3

Turn your Winamp into a legendary jukebox

Turn your Winamp into a legendary jukebox

Updated version of the 2005 release.* New layouts* Recoded makis in order to spare CPU and reduce file size* Added background animation in a shaped AVS area (this one costed me tears and blood)* Added cover art window, including ticker and play, volume and seek commands* Added color anim on command buttons* Added automatic rsquare resizing function in cover window* Added full size and minimum size buttons* Added dedicated ml and video windows* General graphic and coding tweaks and improvements* Added matching Enhancer skin

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October 17, 2011 by Corwin of Amber8825 downloads

Staff review

Jukebox skin

Original jukebox skin, a huge skin. A lot of hard work here. Thanks for your submission and sorry for the delay.