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World of Warcraft

Version 1.0. Made by the author of "LCD Screen Titanium" skin.

Version 1.0. Made by the author of "LCD Screen Titanium" skin.

Complete skin for winamp 2.9 - meant to be used on a dark background. If you are an experienced skinner, you may guess it took me a lot to complete this first release. I spent a couple of hours only for the tiny text to find the best looking characters. PLEASE, help me to improve my skin by writing some useful comments! Thx!

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November 27, 2003 by Philipp Urech141743 downloads

World of Warcraft - Version 1.0. Made by the author of "LCD Screen Titanium" skin.

Staff review


Thank you for your submission.


Looks cool, but... - Like another user commented, there is not enough contrast between the slider bars and the regular background. I had to uninstall the skin because it was too difficult to see how to do much of anything. - August 1, 2008 by Matthew Chapko

:):):) - Well, i think you\'ve done a good work with this skin. It\'s exactly what i was looking for :) - March 19, 2007 by Cathy Tarcea

:D - its is cool i have world of warcraft ^^ - October 26, 2006 by patrik schonning

Warcraft bytes 8x - I love WoW. This is a great idea, but the graphics look like they came from an old (realy old) Atari game system. 8 bite color and graphic - May 17, 2006 by Rus Russell

Erster WoW-Skin - Dieser Skin haut einen zwar nicht vom Hocker, aber es ist der erste Publik-Skin von WoW und da das mein derzeitiges Favorit-Game ist und ich Skins nach dem pers?nlichen Lieblingsspiel klasse finde, werde ich hier die ganze Punkte verschenken !!! ;-) Gru? Habicht - May 4, 2006 by Daniel Habicht

Warcraft - this is a very nice skin just need 1 in the modern skins to that would be great:) - April 3, 2006 by sylvester dashjo

Awesome - I love this skin. Great job. - March 26, 2006 by Ein irvin

Genial - Muy biuena grafica, detalles y colorido. - June 19, 2005 by IGNACIO LABBE

Nice - It's really nicely designed. Good job! - December 30, 2004 by Killa Assassin

Great! - This skin is so nice. Just what I was looking for, something that reflects blizzard's excellent gui designs. I only wish that the Warcraft logo was not there :). But I love warcraft so I'm not complaining too much. - October 9, 2004 by adam knutson

Definitely your best skin - I like everything about this skin, keep up the good work. - November 29, 2003 by Zarko Jovic

clean skin that u've got here - i like a lot. - November 29, 2003 by merci oner

Better than just a Warcraft skin - The animations in this skin are really cool. I think it would be better without the Warcraft label, but since I don't play Warcraft, I can't say how well it fits with that theme. I love the moving gears in the volume and EQ, they could just use a little more contrast - they blend too well with the non-moving background. Still, a great skin. - November 29, 2003 by Jim Stenzel

Beautiful skin - Good job. - November 29, 2003 by Cat Dreamer