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WinXPamp Alt

WinXPamp alternative variant.

WinXPamp alternative variant.

This is just an alternative form of my WinXPamp skin (main window merged with EQ and playlist).

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August 7, 2006 by Michael Nidze19335 downloads

WinXPamp Alt - WinXPamp alternative variant.

Staff review

You shouldn't have, really.


Ok But... - I value the effort made here; few appreciate the effort, money, research, testing and development that went into the default Windows UI design, fewer still understand how efficient and workman-like really it is until they use a PC to do 'real' work. The Luna, Office 2003, Vista and newer interfaces by comparison are not engineered, but are simply the result of market research and focus group touchy-feely sessions. My only criticism is that Winamp is too small to efficiently use the default Windows control elements -- so older Windows Media 'Martlet' designs can be more efficient if you're looking for a results oriented UI design that follows original Windows UI design epistomology... - May 8, 2007 by Waika Walla

Simple Is Best - I have to disagree with the staff opinion on this one, and anyone else who thinks this is bad. This is not bad at all. This is a simple, standard skin. If you want bad then get yourself a Pokemon or Brats skin. I understand that some folks might want every color of the spectrum, and every demonic image they can think of, crammed into a skin. This results in wasted resources when all you need is something to play your jams with. Simple is best. Eventually you will come to understand and appreciate this. - May 6, 2007 by jjj www

Il like it :) - You did well bothering to create this skin. Some people enjoy an efficient, pure, and basic look to the software they use. Shining strass on an interface is not for me, but your skin is ! Thanks friend - September 29, 2006 by Fred Merch

SORRRY - You shouldn't have been bothered even make it try to look like Windows 98 - 95 look-a-like. Sorry. It's your fault since u made it. - September 11, 2006 by Ahmad Hassan