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A skin mimicking Windows 98's visual style.

A skin mimicking Windows 98's visual style.

I know it's been done before, but here is my version of a Windows classic skin. I quite enjoy the checkboxes for toggle buttons. Every 2.9 and 5.x window is skinned.

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August 5, 2006 by Calvin Emery27320 downloads

Windows Style - A skin mimicking Windows 98's visual style.

Staff review

It has been done indeed, many times.


.... - this looks about as fun as changing system volume via DOS mode - August 18, 2008 by G Miyata

Best Of So Far... - I value the effort made here; few appreciate the effort, money, research, testing and development that went into the default Windows UI design, fewer still understand how efficient and workman-like really it is until they use a PC to do 'real' work. The Luna, Office 2003, Vista and newer interfaces by comparison are not engineered, but are simply the result of market research and focus group touchy-feely sessions. My only criticism is that Winamp is too small to efficiently use the default Windows control elements -- so older Windows Media 'Martlet' designs can be more efficient if you're looking for a results oriented UI design that follows original Windows UI design epistomology; this is a partial implementation of that design -- it would also be nice if it used your current/default Windows color 'theme'... - May 8, 2007 by Waika Walla

Wow! a Windows skin!! - ...just when you thought everyone had forgotten Windows 98... (YYYaaaaaaaaawwwnnnnnnnnn) - September 14, 2006 by Tim Gainer

Best classic windows style skin - This style has been emulated in the past by legions but Calvin has done an excellent job and unlike many other earlier windows style skinning efforts has skinned all the winamp windows. This skin resides comfortably next to John Kreitlow "16Bit Amp" emulation of a DOS application. We'd like to see more classic skin emulations updated to winamp 5, including Anders Dam's "C64 Basic" skin, Tom Daff's "Atari Stamps on the Llama", Tristam Green's "DOS", and UPSet's "DOS AMP". - August 13, 2006 by Aharon Varady