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Winamp Media Player 11

Winamp Media Player 11

Based on the new Windows Media Player 11 skin

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September 23, 2006 by Ki_Shodar Mirabeau1320011 downloads

WinampMP11 - Winamp Media Player 11

Staff review

Another windows media player skin, how many more can we take?


I like this. Clear and crisp. Legible. Functional. These are all values not to be sneered at. - December 11, 2009 by stevezv

duh - Thank you bunchies for your rubbish review, dear staff. This skin is small, simple, clean and yet pretty (unlike any other wmp skin or most skins in general, including winamp default ones) - some people still seek that. Good job. - July 27, 2009 by airdropit

Lovely!! - Doesn't make me miss WMP11 anymore! - May 23, 2009 by iam

awesome - this is so simple, so nice and clean. Exactly what I was looking for.simply cool! - May 9, 2009 by Angel donchev

nice - it's not anything special, but can be used - March 8, 2009 by Yangombi Umpakati

very clean - very nice skin! - January 18, 2009 by egnegn egnegn

neat - thanks! - August 12, 2008 by schafw ollsocki

Awesome work - clean and simple just the way i like it - March 16, 2007 by Sebastian Baldovino

Love it!!! - The vest skin I ever used - it's clean, no bugs, looks great... I love it!!! - November 14, 2006 by Maja MM

yg - gg - November 13, 2006 by adiga adiga

WinampMP11 - Classic - November 7, 2006 by Wanida Kimura

O melhor que já vi para classic - Este concerteza é o skin mais leve e bonito para winamp classic. Indico ele para todos, muito bem feito. Por Thiago Rodrigues, Brasil. - November 2, 2006 by Thiago Rodrigues

play button - whay u dont use the play button to pause like in media player - October 11, 2006 by pdr manuel

nice... - Hi!! nice skin....could you please send me the template from this skin because i just started skinning and i think it's a good basic to start with.... Pat [email protected] - October 6, 2006 by Patrick Neumann

yes... maybe - this is the first skin i felt the need to register in order to comment for. i used to use d-reliction... still a great skin, but i really really like this one good colors, apparent buttons, not hard to see. to be honest, i think its called glass, but i dont like the glassiness of the skin. i prefer it more flat, also notice how the forward and reverse buttons are more glassy than the others... best of the mp11 skins and great job... thanks! - October 5, 2006 by fnloser fnloser

... - kjkhutytr - September 29, 2006 by marta mendez

Not too bad. - I actually quite like this one. It's nice and efficient, and really easy on the eyes. - September 28, 2006 by Paul Smith

Simple is pretty - This skin is one of those rare gems that grows to be a classic. It is exquisitely neat and easy on the eyes, its functions clearly displayed and well blended. An instant hit and one that will stay in my collection till the end of time. The only place where a question can be asked is with the colouring of the text of a non-playing but selected playlist entry, which could be a touch darker to be easier to see. That said, it deserves a perfect 10 as it is virtually without flaw. Simply brilliant. - September 28, 2006 by Juliusz Szczygiel

Good Skin - I like the layout of the new Windows Media Player 11 Beta. The colours really does match it. - September 25, 2006 by Ahmad Hassan