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All windows are skinned

All windows are skinned

I always wanted a stereo Hi_fi system butjust coldn`t affor it so I made one myself . I can`t say much about this skin I think the screenshot speaks for itself :)

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February 10, 2005 by Tibi Ardelean1237926 downloads

Winamp_Media_Tower - All windows are skinned

Staff review

Stereo componentry for your desktop...

A good looking skin with a few small issues, for example why not place "close" buttons on the component windows?


good skin - December 4, 2010 by [email protected]

great job dynamite - August 6, 2010 by brianj

good - February 7, 2010 by sherief emad

skin - It's nice skin :) - August 25, 2009 by zmule123

Very High Quality - I love this skin. It is by far my favorite. It has EVERYTHING you could want in a skin. I especially like the color themes. And LOOK! It even comes with a remote!!! LOL Great Job!!!! - June 24, 2008 by Larry Tennant

Tat2man - I think it's a great skin. The only issue's I see are the buttons are a bit small for preferences and such. And the clock, any way to change it to 12h time instead of 24h time? Other than that, I think it's great. One of the best i've seen so far. - April 26, 2007 by John Collum

WINAMP MEDIA TOWER - This is an all dream skin for the ones out there. In my option the author could have at least included an open file button like that of Winamp modern. - March 3, 2007 by KUNJUNNI JP

winamp_media_tower - I have seen all kinds of skins i don't like this one cause i have to say I LOVE IT it's one of the best skins i can really enjoy because my age of 46 your eyes go lol and i can read all the buttons and all the rest of the stuff i like biggers skins to play with i don't have to squint and the color is clear so keep up the great work if you make more please let me know i love blue color to it's my color of all my stuff on my pc..thanks again keep up the great work...BUT it is very much like the one i downloaded now i have 2 the same so i have a copy of the one i got mine is in green did not know people can copy each others on here wow - October 27, 2006 by Pam Dean

excellent - Greetings friend I've just installed the coolest looking skin for winamp its great it looks good it works great and has so many colors good work friend - July 14, 2006 by james vincent

Pimpin' =) - Has a nice look to it and I love how the speakers go to the bass! -Merch? - March 27, 2006 by Rob Merch

HOTTT!!! - FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! Did get some time for me to get used to the controls..but its hhhottt!!! AWESOME JOB!! - October 25, 2005 by Gayrajan Kohli

I LOVE IT!!! - I-I-I- I don't know what to say... exept: _ \/ |_ /\ |_| | | |_ /--\ | | . - October 10, 2005 by William Cook

Awesome - So easy to read and use. Best skin on the site - September 20, 2005 by Iain Wilson

Components don't lock together? - While the skin looks great, it really NEEDS to have the components that lock together so that you can drag the whole thing at once around the screen. The Pimeer skin does this which is an awesome ability. If this skin had that ability it would be 5 stars but not having it loses 2 stars in my book. When I have to move a window I don't want to move it 5 times and then try to place everything just perfect again. - September 4, 2005 by Michael Horton

the best of the skins - That's the BEST of the skins I've never had - September 1, 2005 by Antoine Garin

Awesome skins - Very kewl skin Needs to be easier open file button Close buttons etc Very attractive though Hope you make a V2. It would rock! Perhaps add the ability to make it standard stereo colors like wood, or black :) but i give 4.9/5 - August 27, 2005 by Secret Drummond

Wow ! - That's what I've been looking for. Great job. - July 14, 2005 by Rafal Tomczynski

love it!!! - best skin ive seen - July 12, 2005 by alex arroyo

Winamp Media Tower - De todos los skins que he bajado en mi cpu, este con el estilo retr?, es el que mas coincide con mis musicas a?os 80. Muy facil de usarse, diversos colores, uno mas lindo que el otro. Los parlantes moviendose le da alma al equipo. Felicitaciones. A veces reinventar/remodelar algo, es tan bueno cuanto inventar algo nuevo. !Vale! - June 30, 2005 by Carlos Marques

When you just have to thump - Gave ya 4 stars, I think you could tweak this just a bit to make the best skin out there. Found all the buttons to be easy to see, and understand. LOVED THE SPEAKERS!! Lol, those were great. A little big for my taste, but that is a personal prefrence, nothing more. Great job, wish i had the real version in my house :P keep up the good work!! - June 26, 2005 by Wolf Bringer

Great! - Great work, 4 stars because I think there are a few small tweaks you could do, but otherise, great skin. It took a little bit of scaling to get it to a reasonable size, but great work anyway. - June 26, 2005 by Jerimiah 40

Perfecto - Realmente este Skin para el Winamp en mi humilde opinion es exelente. - June 11, 2005 by Sebastian marinoff

hojjat - salam - June 8, 2005 by hojjat entekhaby

Cool... :) - Media Tower is cool... But update something.. Like the speakers.. They are a little bit to large... Thei are cool but the should be larger maybe... if you want! but the biggest problem is the repeat... Update the repeat so its like in Winamp 5.09.. I mean so its Repeat Playlist/Track... Its not working know... Please... ;) - May 25, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Mad - This skin is cooool, i love it loads. Id love if i cud make it fullscreen, id sit here all day and look at it - May 15, 2005 by johnathan doeson

blank - just looken at it makes me BLANK! - May 8, 2005 by Dylan Haehnel

ShoestoneD - this skin has the absolute ideal interface for a party or social event of some sort. its a kickass way to play your tunes with style. all of my fellow winampers...check out this shit. rock on. - May 3, 2005 by Justin Shoemaker

dadg - gagag - April 27, 2005 by izzet chavushoglu

Great Skin - This skin is just astonishing - April 19, 2005 by Jordi Valls

Blaaa - This is one cool skin never seen one like it ppl who are making new skins should take a look at this one for pointers - April 11, 2005 by Jason Sauer

best skin - hi, This is one of the best skins i have seen for a long time now. good work .... keep it up! - April 4, 2005 by srinivasulu Adiraju

kare - Ne dlja menja - asdffad - April 2, 2005 by Alex Schmid

wmt - looks kool wmt not a bad skin - March 28, 2005 by raymond giliam

The best of the best... - This skin is the reference for having +/-30 under-skins (colors schemes & ambiances). It's a perfect example for the passionated users for listening good music whith a cool Hi-Fi device whithout a real one ! Download ! This is THE 'must'. - March 21, 2005 by JeanFrancois Renault

cool - cool is Winamp Media Tower - March 18, 2005 by olek seweryn

hey - nice job man.. atleast you partially got wut ya want - March 18, 2005 by margel campaner

AWESOME! - This skin is just awesome. Loads of colour themes, each one looking fabulous. Can't fault this skin. It functions well too. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. - March 14, 2005 by Matthew Jones

skin - it looks like a stereo - March 4, 2005 by Hazim Zdralic

verry cool - it is verry nice - February 28, 2005 by Vlad Stefan

Belea! - Frate... e cel mai adevarat skin de pe site-ul asta. Dar parca tot ar mai trebui putin lucrat la el. O fereastra pentru vizualiser mai k'lumea n-ar strica. MISTO! - February 27, 2005 by Crisstinell SC_Mitra_SRL

Small big... - I love this, but this module of volume this prinicipal?! and this panel not visualize of analyzer but a idea of clock this nice. Good Job! Very Good! So a big! - February 12, 2005 by Paulo Antunes

It's another one - It looks good, but there are some other skinscreators that had the same idea. @Gump: At the right side at the bottom, there is an tiny x Button witch closing the different modules. - February 12, 2005 by jr Heuwing

Good Stuff - I love the way it looks. It's a welcme change. I agree with others, buttons are kinda small and hard to read. Maybe change the font, to make the letters more legible(?) All in all I love playing with it and the looks of it! - February 12, 2005 by BlueMoon1970 R

What a skin! - This one is cool, after a bit of re-arrangin at the start! Phat speakers, phat knobs, got some great links too! Like the site :-) - February 11, 2005 by Matt Whiffen

Gump - What can I say,its huge,fills my 1024x768 screen...nicely made,but the component buttons are very hard to see and make out....and there is no contol on the components to close them - February 11, 2005 by Gump .

EXCELLENT - this skin is excellent. colors themes to know what more to make some :-) the speakers are just a little too large but are very well carried out. super good job Tibi ! - February 10, 2005 by Patrick NOURRY

The Best - este cel mai tare. Merita 5 stele - February 10, 2005 by nusca tudorel