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Winamp Media Tower v11

All components are skinned

All components are skinned

Since the first version of Winamp Media Tower was so succesfull (wich I never tought it would be) I made a new version of it. I tried to make itt better, more digital looking :)Hi-Fi system. Well I believe I did it, I mean my personal oppinion is that it looks much better then the old one and it even has to aded components a remote control and an opensource notifier. It`s yours to take, enjoy :)

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December 3, 2005 by Tibi Ardelean2916348 downloads

Winamp Media Tower v11 - All components are skinned

Staff review

media crazy

A well built skin for all you people who need a huge skin to cover your whole screen, works really well.


good skin - December 4, 2010 by [email protected]

foarte tare cat am cautat skinu asta...uitasem cum se numeste.tare frate are si o gramada de culori. - August 23, 2010 by [email protected]

Funky - great skin i love it people should make winamp look so much diffrent like this instead of the plane diffrent coloured skins there is - July 12, 2008 by Christopher Parratt

hmmm, looks interesting - looks interesting, simple to use - June 10, 2008 by john beesley

nice skin - eyy the skin is cool but i cant use it s; - June 1, 2008 by Dennis Nielsen

Awesome! - This skin is one of the best I have seen and is the one I currently use. It has a very good looking interface with lots of color options, as well as sizing options. I prefer bigger skins and this one delivers. Thank you Tibi for a great job on this one and I hope you will add more color options in the future. - March 7, 2008 by Brent Bolinder

nice speakers - This is one of the best skins ever! The media tower is so real and you can adjust the scaling so it takes up the whole window. - January 24, 2008 by john ballarino

Very cool, only minor function questions - This is a very, very well done skin. Looks "high tech," has widgets, gadgets, gees, and gaws. Color selection is great. The speakers look cool but I don't use them; that gives me more room for the important stuff.Two minor issues about the way it actually works: 1) When you highlight a song on the playlist, it becomes unreadable. 2) Where's the slider/fast forward??Oh, one other thing: I tried to pull the remote off the screen so I could carry it around with me. It doesn't seem to come off unless I cut my monitor, and then of course the monitor craps out. Just kidding.Good stuff. - December 25, 2007 by Stephen Charest

Cool but big - cool The only minus is the skin take half you'r screen - December 8, 2007 by no name

rien - xwcfgv - November 3, 2007 by anthony fadier

winamp media tower v11 - plzzz ye down load nahi ho raha kiya karon tell men ow - October 26, 2007 by faisal mirza

it was good - great - September 9, 2007 by Sandie Bedasee

Awesome skin! - Very functional and looks great. You saved my eyes, no need for me to keep browsing for more skins! This is the one. :) - August 31, 2007 by Mace68 .

WOW - im speachless! This is like THE greatest skin EVER! i love it!! - August 22, 2007 by aaron zvonkin

igen - nagyon j - August 13, 2007 by Fatal Rychard

FTM - NICE!!! - July 9, 2007 by FT Fayz

super... - Hi all! This is a very good winamp skin, i\'d never seen similar.... But i have a small problem. On the playlist at the right top corner there is a GREEN X, and bottom \"Page not found\", probably... Everybody know why there is? What can i do? Thx for help! Gabesz - June 24, 2007 by Gabor Kovacs

goooooooooooooooooood - goooooooooooooooooood - March 8, 2007 by semo devil

cool - thi is cool waw - February 11, 2007 by moises Molina

Cool - Thanks Man ! It is really cool - February 9, 2007 by dubai 114

Great Skin - I love skins like this. One note is that in the playlist editor when a song is highlighted and playing it cant be seen (it is highlighted out with no contrast between the font and the highlight) other than that great skin! - January 9, 2007 by No Hart

Winamp Media Tower v11 - the best there is .......... super cool - November 24, 2006 by adrie adrie

Media Tower v1.1 - I have seen all kinds of skins i don't like this one cause i have to say I LOVE IT it's one of the best skins i can really enjoy because my age of 46 your eyes go lol and i can read all the buttons and all the rest of the stuff i like biggers skins to play with i don't have to squint and the color is clear so keep up the great work if you make more please let me know i love blue color to it's my color of all my stuff on my pc..thanks again keep up the great work - October 27, 2006 by Pam Dean

aaa - :D - October 25, 2006 by Andrei Trandafir

fain - cel mai tare - October 23, 2006 by evil inside

Love it - I love big skins =] Really sleak, tons of colour themes, love the speakers and... Well, just the design in general. Great job, this is my Fav Skin =] - August 22, 2006 by Infernlmagician Cook

~>Awesome - July 12, 2006 by j a

One of my favorites. - This has always been one of my favorites, despite the size. Now with the addition of the remote, I can close the other components when I am doing other things that require screen space, and still have the volume control handy. - July 10, 2006 by Jack Sanders

Tremendous Tower - Lots of action, great looks, fills up the screen without streatching things out of proportion. I complement you on the design and functionality - June 28, 2006 by Rod Glover

PERFEKT - Nice Tower - June 23, 2006 by Alin Schaefer

Simply the best - I like hi-fi style skins the best, and thought the posh sony was the best, but one thing i allways hated about winamp skins was small fidly skins with tiny silly buttons, then i tried wmd and was blown away, this vey simply the best skin i downloaded to date, nice and big which fits nicly on my second monitor and more extras than i dont know what, also loads of colours, enough to make anyone happy. Like said above but a bit harsh when this so quality is a bit brighter text, and i have a green x on my playlist in the top corner, but that can be over looked becouse this so good, thanks tibi for a top skin! - June 17, 2006 by k1klass Heller

Tower Review - Absolutely gorgeous and dazzlingly beutifull one, made with such a skill and sense for technique. Very classy and stylish but also on the other hand it fascinate with its hi-tech looking. Technically speking you can easily adjust the bass/treble, which can made a lot of problems if you`re dealing with high sensitive notebook`s speakers. And those speakers membrane shake quite well, like the real HI-FI! Whithout doubt, great job! - June 8, 2006 by Dejan Draskovic

nice but hard 2 read - i can barely read the text otherwise a great skin - May 30, 2006 by Yung GonZo

Rulez - this is one of the best sins out there, the speakers and Vu meters rule, one u gotta have - April 11, 2006 by Keith lawrenson

great - this skin is off the chain, cant believe I never saw the first one.. - March 15, 2006 by Luke Foley

great - The best I ever had. All features I like are available. Go on. Very Good. - March 14, 2006 by Guenther Friedrich

Great Skin !!! - Very Cool....... :) Good Job and thank's ! - March 13, 2006 by Jose_Luis Azevedo

Almost the best winamp skin - I think this is a very cool skin . But the best skin i think is the anunaki110. Keep building cool skins. From Adi. - March 10, 2006 by adrian homone

the best winamo skin:) - its really the best skin for winamp.check it :) - March 9, 2006 by RoBI Kowalczyk

aaaaa - aaaaaaaa - March 9, 2006 by kamits kaaamiits

Stunning!! - This is a really stunning Skin...very easy to use...Loads of colours to choose from....Can't find any faults with it... I like Skins that look like real Hi-Fi's...lots of weird skins but this is the one for me...(although I do have Hal Eye...very neat...) More like this please....! - March 8, 2006 by Gillian Hunter

It is how it looks. - It looks great nice design and collors. But it is to bigg i cant do anything else calmly nothing for me @ all. nice try anyways - March 3, 2006 by Ravenko broeka

Awesomee - I loved this skin.. One word: 'perfect'.. - March 1, 2006 by ibrahim ozer

WMD V1.1 - Fantastic skin,great looks & works great what more could you want .......pure genius !!!!! - February 28, 2006 by John Joel

Very, very good skin - Amazing skin! Nice work!!! - February 26, 2006 by Louki None

here's magenta?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? - need magenta color theme... this skin is great - February 26, 2006 by caio faria

preeettttyyyy colours - Definately very awesome \'n\' very bulky if you like having all that on your screen. Really cool , though. Props for originality. The different colour options are my favourite. - February 25, 2006 by Lilliam Infante

Winamp Media Tower v11 - This is one of the most genius skins I have ever come across this is amazing. Fantastic Job it's like the home entertainment center I never had . LOL - February 24, 2006 by StaceyAnn Gray

Brilliant - Simply brilliant. I'm just hoping to see upgrade for this skin, my only sugestion would be to change the speakers appearance. As for overall - 5 stars. Awesome job, MMD skin will now have something to compete with :) - February 24, 2006 by CarouseL CL

very good - I like this skin - February 23, 2006 by Matej Svajda

WOW - Dude, this skin is so @$%$% cool I signed up just so I could post about how good it is, KEEP IT UP ! - February 23, 2006 by Chad Reitsma

Dr?gu?el - ?mi place cum arat?. C?teva sugestii: -?ncearc? s? faci corpul principal ceva gen touch screen, ca s? se vad? mai multe informa?ii despre melodia redat?, butoanele ocup? prea mult spa?iu aici. -dac? selectezi melodia ?n curs ?n playlist nu mai vezi nimic deoarece culoarea este aceia?i, schimb? una din culori. -VU-metrele nu ?in pasul cu melodia. -chestia cu "reapet" nu ?i-o mai repet. Ce ?n?eles au totu?i ini?ialele WMD? - February 22, 2006 by Zuzu Mel

This one ROCKS! - LOVE it! Awesome skin, great job!! - February 22, 2006 by Tawnya Pedro

There was an error submitting your review, please try again! - There was an error submitting your - February 22, 2006 by sasha grigorishina

missing something.. - very cool skin... but on the part called "player" are missing something.. its much cooler with a jog pad..! - February 22, 2006 by Christian Frederiksen

Great Skin - This is a great skin. Well planned and designed. One suggestion for the future update is to allow the remote control active when the player is minimized to the system tray. Because I didn't see the point of the remote control while the player is already up. - February 21, 2006 by Plague JB

Good - The best of the best - February 19, 2006 by Ignacio Monteros

this rocks - im new for winamp but out of every1 i have seen i like this 1 the best. - February 18, 2006 by zach alex

Winamp Media Tower v11 - This is the goodest skin - February 18, 2006 by Philippe MARC

Just What I Had Been Hoping For... - This plugin truly rocks, it has real-time VU meters in the EQ with high quality Bass & Treble controls. You can view the main player in full or mini remote control size. This thing looks 200% better than the "tower boombox" it was meant to imitate. And, the parts are more flexible and detachable than the real thing. It's sleek and compact with added features not normally found in winamp skins There are even more features than I can write here, but check it out for yourself--seeing is believing! - February 18, 2006 by James McCance

stylish & cool - - February 18, 2006 by george baubau

Only one minor flaw I see. - First off, this skin is t3h awesome! I absolutely love it and it's my favorite thus far. My only gripe is that the word "repeat" is misspelled in the lights of the playback deck (as "REAPET"). Other than that, it's absolutely marvelous. Kudos on having many color choices, too. - February 17, 2006 by Dave A

Great Job!!!!!!!!!! - This is the best Winamp Skin that i have used. I have been using Winamp since its version 1.5 and using a lot of skins. But this skin is the best.......... Hats off to Tibi Ardelean for designing such a great skin - February 17, 2006 by Charanjeet Saggu

Nice but useless - Looks nice, but it's mostly useless. The songticker only shows a few characters, nothing can be resized, it takes a huge amount of space. The media library and playlist aren't really skinned. You'll only use this for showing off, never for daily use. - February 16, 2006 by Chris Wood

Excelent - Mda, excelent, totusi doar 5 stelutze (nu exista 4,8) pentru ca VU-metrele si difuzoarele de bass nu prea respecta linia melodica. Daca nu ma inshel merg impreuna, nu? In fine, este unul dintre cele mai mishto skinuri din ultimul timp. felicitari P.S. asteptam cu incredere versiunea 1.2 - February 16, 2006 by Alexandru Bilan

Pretty good - There was obviously alot of work put into this skin, but the remote seems somewhat useless to me. Plus the skin is really big and doesn't really fit well on a 15" screen. I did however resize all of the parts to 50% and it looks awesome and is the perfect size. Make the remote availiable in minimized mode and you'll have yourself a 5 star skin here. -Greg - February 15, 2006 by Greg Jewell

Love it, Love it, Love it !! - Wow, that was my first impression. I love the speakers and how they move, it's little things like that that make this skin so great. The remote feature is nice, would be cool if it could be docked on the screen even if winamp is minimized, or can it? I don't know if it can let me know. As far as what I think can improve it, well lets just say I can't draw stick figures so who am I to say what it needs or doesn't need. I'll leave that to you guys who have the skills to make skins. You keep doing what you do, and as far as the creator of this skin, thanks alot for an awesome skin. - February 14, 2006 by Vito S

Nice skin, needs minor improvement - I like this skin. Actually, even though it needs improvement, it is my favorite skin to use. It is clean and simple! Here's where it needs improvement: First and foremost, the creator mispelled the word "Repeat" on the Player! That's right, the creator spells it "REAPET". I know this might seem silly, but it really bugs the heck out of me! The other improvement I would like to see is in the szie of the fonts on the playlist. Not the actual playlist, but the playlist menu at the bottom--they're too small to read! If this skin is ever modified, I would be VERY interested in seeing it. - February 14, 2006 by Jeff Sapp

Winamp Media tower - Good but a little larger one,excellently designed and a very much comfortable skin for a new person starting over the winamp.Bye!!!!!!!! - February 13, 2006 by Pradeep Kumaar

E dragutz ! - Limba engleza nu prea o stap?neshti... ?n rest.... e bine. - February 13, 2006 by Ovidiu Nani

no - i don't like it. it takes too many space on my descktop - February 13, 2006 by ice85 ice85

Perfect - Exactly what my Winamp needed, you obviously put time into this and have a very good attention to detail which has paid off. This is the best skin available, a real joy to use and is quite pleasing on the eye. Thank you. - February 13, 2006 by Ger Mooney

Excellent - This skin is very well done and very easy to use, alot of hard work and dedication has gone into this skin, and it looks GREAT. WELL DONE - February 12, 2006 by stephen gilham

nice - nice 1 - February 12, 2006 by Morgan Johansson

Sensational!!! - Very good design, very good syncronisation!!! Look's absolutely fabulous!!! Congratulations guys! I also want to congratulate the Winamp Team for the 5.13 version!! Much better!!! - February 12, 2006 by Jericho Tm

Better then most! - this is in the top 20 for sure! good job - February 12, 2006 by C Justice

COOL! - This is best Winamp SKIN I ever see!!! :))) - February 9, 2006 by Tasko Tasko

Very nice, but has errors - As someone else pointed out, the skin has some issues which cause it to crash. Otherwise, it's fantastic. 3.5/5 -- I'd give 4.5/5 if it weren't for the errors. - February 8, 2006 by Zac Hansen

some script errors ^^ - cool skin but you have only 3 stars because there are a few script errors in the skin (on the "remote control" and if you use the mouse scroll on the volume bar) winamp crashed and i must restart it but the skin is stylish ^^ - February 8, 2006 by Oliver Mussmann

joya - kiero bajarlo y no puedo :( - February 8, 2006 by bichito bichito

god job - this skin is simply amazing what else to say :)))) - February 7, 2006 by joe satara

WOOOOOW! - i think it's the most wonderful skin i've ever seen... - February 7, 2006 by Carlos Perez

I like it - This skin looks cool as all get out, but since its so big I'll probably switch back to winamp modern pretty quickly so i can see my media library the way i prefer it. But the main reason I bothered to review this is because after i read one user say they couldnt find the repeat option I looked for it and quickly found it on the player right under fade, but the whoever made this skin spelled the word repeat wrong he spelled it reapet. Maybe you could fix that simple bug. - February 7, 2006 by Ben Ruholl

:Loveit - Thats such a cool skin.... in all ive downloaded i think this one is the best......You get my 5 stars...... - February 7, 2006 by Amy Willson

WOW!!! - One of the best skins!Really good work!!! - February 6, 2006 by Marcel Steeger

It's great - i really like this skin, but the only thing i miss, is a window to change the colour theme. Besides that, it's GREAT!!! - February 5, 2006 by Arnout van_den_Hoek

gr8t skin - the best skin i have see in a long time. looks g8rt movez well love it - February 4, 2006 by tony parr

Thomas Smith - NICE this packs a punch and beats down the others. NICE JOB - February 1, 2006 by Thomas Smith

Excellent! - I knew this one just today and loved it! Only one thing: haw can I disable that Now Playing box that pops up at tracks change? - February 1, 2006 by Paulo Teixeira

It Is Way To Big - That is my only complaint,I have been using MMD for a long time now,., but I wont get WMD untill its half the size,my res 1024 by 768 and its just too big.Beautiful art work too! Please fix the size!!!! - January 31, 2006 by Ricci Bell

LOL TOO LARGE!! - Oooooh! This skin too large but too stylish! Moving Speaker, good! It's very meanless but lots of fun!! Great! - January 31, 2006 by Minami Ishigure

About the Repeat function - hi there i find very usefull the repeat track button and i don't find it on this skin! How can i do to use this skin and to have also this option?! Thanks a lot - January 31, 2006 by Iulian Avram

This is awsome - Hey tibi This is the greatest skin yet. It is a heaps cool idea thanks - January 30, 2006 by Stephen T

Needs Some Fixes! - The skin was cool and worked fine.......UNTIL.....I tried to change skins. Every time I tried, it crashed the player. I had to uninstall it to get things back to normal. WMT v.11 doesn't play nicely with my all time favorite skin, MMD3 so it had to go. Good Luck! - January 30, 2006 by Rick Bland

Opinion - :)))))))))) ! What more can i say?!? - January 30, 2006 by Bobi Drumev

Huge and perfect 4 hi-res screen - I run my PC at 1280x1024 res. it looks perfect, especially with the VU meters. Best thing, it doesn't make my box CRASH!!! - January 29, 2006 by Stefan Rosic

Great!! - Most of the skins are too dark or the buttons are too small. I run hi-res so everything is too small. This one is fantastic! Thanks - January 26, 2006 by Ric Russo

THIS SKIN KICKS ASS!! - Dude i love this skin!! i noticed something. the little lights on the on the nobs dont change with the color scheme. apart from that this skin ROCKS!! - January 25, 2006 by Ludwig Tupas

awsom skin - i had the first one and this one is so much better thanks and i will enjoy this one untill you improve on this if that is possible - January 25, 2006 by daniel anderson

The best i have used!!! - This skin is the best i have used so far. It is really easy to handle. No buttons are camouflaged. WMT 1.1 has crystal clarity in its look. Moreover it really gives a feel of owning a hi-fi system. Its simply marvellous. Thank you for making it. - January 20, 2006 by Omkar Kalbag

! - Super - January 19, 2006 by Tigerenok Tigerenok

krash - dont work skin,when i push ,load clasik skin ,why? - January 18, 2006 by vAL vel

Winamp_Media_Tower_v11 - Very Cool Skin More Good Then The Old Version Relly Nice !!! - January 17, 2006 by Abyss 21

Great - Nice improvement on the first one!!! I always use the media tower and i never notice the power it uses and i runs great! - January 16, 2006 by Jason Horton

The Best Skin - This is the best skin I have ever seen or used. Thanks! - January 15, 2006 by Steven Woods

mortal!!!! - mah, baiatule, e mishto rau!!! cine l-a creat? daca eshti tu, felicitari! daca nu... asta e. oricum, e super. - January 12, 2006 by Cipri Onofrei

Very Nice Skin !!!! One of the best ! - Very Nice Skin !!!! One of the best ! But it use to much memory & CPU.Is it possible to fix it or to lower the usage of the mem. & Cpu?It will be better because slower comp. can't play music & show the animatio of the skin! By G.I.P From: Romania - January 8, 2006 by Iulian G.I.P

Chathura - Its a really good new winamp modern skin... Opacity option works perfectly....and lots of color themes.. Great work !!!! - January 7, 2006 by Chathura Jayasinghe

awesome - rock. - January 6, 2006 by HSMW RV

About media tower - I've been looking for something like this for along time. donno who made it but i give ya alot of credit and a job well done... and if posible i would like to turn it into a php block for my website. i can be contacted at - reg,check e-mail, then login and leave me a private message if you could..... - January 5, 2006 by Thomas Cullen

EXCELLENT!!! - one thing though, i dont think ive ever seen the winamp website that colour before - January 5, 2006 by Mark Ayres

One of the best - I think this idea is very good and the skin is one of te best! Really! It's only problem is that there is not enough space for the Playlist! Anyway,it's a very good skin and I like it very much! The remote control is fantastic! I hope you'll realize a second version vith space for the playlist - January 2, 2006 by Adrian Bazavan

EXCELENT!!! - SO COOL MAN! IS FAR THE BEST SKIN. TINE-O TOT ASA! MARFA! BRAVO! - December 29, 2005 by Bogdan Petru

Media Tower - I have had winamp for over 8 years and have over 100 skins but this is the best and last ... - December 29, 2005 by Billy davis

A miniscule persistance. - I have enjoyed the use of the initial version of this skin for several months. The functionality is supurb; the style is desktop-stereo-sleek (complete with seperate animated speakers -- a crown to an already prestigeous image); and the several metallica colour schemes accent its presentation indubidubly. And it is here, in the colour themes, that I have noticed the one and only problem, present in both the previous and current versions of this skin: the little green lights for the Bass, Treble and PreAm nobs do not change with the colour scheme. Aside from that, this skin, along with Lounge (Modern) and Sony Hi-Fi Expensive (Classic) are my three predominant skins. Salut! -Jules - December 28, 2005 by Julian Nachash

Cool - This skin is very, very cool! - December 25, 2005 by Tilko Dobrev

YOU RULE! ! ! ! - I started collecting modern Winamp skins a couple of months ago...And I can say...that...YOU'RE THE BOMB,MAN! ! ! !THIS IS THE GREATEST SKIN I'VE EVER SEEN!!!ESPECIALLY THE REMOTE CONTROL OPTION!!!TIBI ARDELEAN IS IN DA HOUSE,PEOPLE!!! :) - December 16, 2005 by Tyrael Archangel

Best skin EVER! - Just looks so cool and its simple to use. I tried the earlyer one as well but this is even better! - December 14, 2005 by Richard Lewis

cecil - top amp kid really like it. - December 14, 2005 by cecil sylvester

Yummy! - We've got enough ordinary skins for Winamp, so this a breath of fresh air. Everything about this is perfect for a media experience! - December 11, 2005 by Jan Gjestad

A fully fledged stereo on your desktop! - Awesome work!!! Lovin the song change notifier in the corner of my desktop. Shouldn't it be "WMT" though? - December 9, 2005 by Taber B

Wow - Wow: is all i can say, oh i said more. there i go again. this is so cool!!! - December 6, 2005 by QuadHeliX Barber