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Winamp with single user interface and using the royale theme

Winamp with single user interface and using the royale theme

Total control for Winamp! Using a single user interface you can use Winamp like it should be! If you like this skin remember to check some of our newer work out -

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August 5, 2006 by Skin Consortium443719 downloads

Winamp-2006 - Winamp with single user interface and using the royale theme

Staff review

Winamp 2006

Not the best looking skin, but it's more about function over form


So easy a Caveman could use it - Nice Visuals, easy for any novice to understand and use. The hard work that went into making this skin makes it very easy for everyone to use. Nice bells and whistles. Look forward to more from SC! - September 23, 2007 by Andrew Martinez

I want to download music - I want to burn music. - September 22, 2007 by Latasha Green

Taff Skin - A new Look of Winamp. is great , works on my PC, till now No Problems.But i didnt test all the Features. But for the First Time in use i give a Four of Possible 5. It's Fun to use it. Thank You for that Work... - September 12, 2007 by Roger Jakobs

very practical and convient - this is the best skin, i love the fact that everything is in one window, someone tried to make a single gui, and it was kinda cool, but this one definitely owns all other skins, definitely love the search option, that was probably the only reason that i had itunes on my comp previously, but seriously awesome. keep it up...what do guys do, programmers on the side for sun, or are u guys just that wayz, respect... - September 9, 2007 by Jimbo Kincaid

message make your video to small - its good,just i make black pannel red letter click left boton in your mouse? - April 26, 2007 by michel rothen

Really functional - I've been looking for a skin like this for quite a while. All in one, meaning no separate windows, and some really neat functional options. It works very well on my machine and doesn't use up lot of RAM, about 25-30mb. I have a few remarks though: 1. The main buttons (Play/Pause/Stop...) should be on the top left side IMO and under it should be the track info that's currently on the top elft side. 2.Also, the play buttons should be a little bigger, especially when you run the skin in Full screen mode. 3. The skin name is a little unimaginative. :P Overall I reallylike this skin and I hope a new version comes out soon which will have some improvements. But for now I am most definetly sticking with it. Vlatko - February 20, 2007 by Vlatko Ljubic

Updated version comming soon! - Will be releasing a updated version soon that will fix a few things like the memory leak. Will also add a new cover view with cool animation effects. If you have the update option enabled the skin will inform you when it released. BTW: You can remove the Windows Explorer(I do :) - November 12, 2006 by Pieter Nieuwoudt

The skin is good, but... - The skin is one of the best, but I sorry to say I cannot use it. It has a bug, I think it's a memory leech or something, anyway after a short time of using it my computer slows down, and winamp is using 1.4 GB of RAM (which I don't have so...). It would be nice if this could be fixed. Anyway great job. - August 31, 2006 by Zoltan Antal

Crashes my Winamp - I don't feel like killing the rating so I gave it a 4 based on all the function he put into it however just a warning this crashed my Winamp and I can't use it. - August 26, 2006 by Ryuuken Skins

Awesome - I love the clean and well thought out look. - August 17, 2006 by Chris Edwards

great skin - Great skin! - August 17, 2006 by Ben Allison

Form over function - August 15, 2006 by Red deth

{Developer Review} - Mmm... To much in one window... Just open the cover view and if you want the eq then there isn't that much in there... Can Close the cover & Eq completely... If this is still to much I asume you don't use Winamp for videos or use the Media Library. If you use these components in normal multi window skins, windows will popup all around your screen. Remember the Explorer View is OPTIONAL: Settings > Options > Disable Win Expl.. The Tag view is used if you like to see the tags of you songs without having to go to "View file info" each time. Anyway, taste differ... - August 15, 2006 by pjn123 SkinConsortium

I like this skin. - It is just a different type of skin.New type of design.We can call it as Inamp 2006. - August 5, 2006 by Rahul Mehta