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vistamp v 2

This is updated second version of my skin

This is updated second version of my skin

i hope you will like it. This skin based on fourth coming windows version vista, I try to keep everything in this skin a eyecandy, stylish and slick.

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October 19, 2006 by nilesh thakur271975 downloads

vistamp v 2 - This is updated second version of my skin

Staff review

Like vista, but a bit clunky


excellent - I'm using this skin since it's earliest version and I still love it in 2009! Didn't find a better one yet. - May 29, 2009 by uplink

WinVista WMP11 Is better - I used this one for a while, then I found "WinVista WMP11" and was totally amazed by the smoothness and simplicity of the skin. It even has transparency on the outlines. I kinda miss this one tho, feel bad for it. But if you really like this one, I recommend "WinVista WMP11" Search it, Download It, Love It. =) lol - February 14, 2007 by Victor Villa

Redefined Stylish - Wow...Just about sums up this new Skin. A perfect harmony of looks and function. Great layout of controls and very pleasing to the eye. Too many of these new skins send me into retinal spasms with all the wild mismatched colors. This one is a keeper. Nice job Nilesh. - November 30, 2006 by Duane Obe

The Search Is Over! - This skin is wonderful! Excellent color balance so lacking in the vast majority of skins! Why are virtually all skins designed with horribly disturbing color contrasts or just plain too bright? Well this one gets it right- clean uncluttered 3D design pleasing to view and use. Thank you!!! - November 25, 2006 by Zan Newc