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Vista Modern Skin

Vista Modern Skin

Is this skin a rip, report it ?)It`s not so easy to rip a modern-type skins )

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August 10, 2008 by Slynko Vitaly363763 downloads

Vista - Vista Modern Skin

Staff review

Your newest Vista model

Runs on regular gas or ethanol.


Good - Thanks Slynko Vitaly... :) - February 11, 2009 by docxsz ifaxsz

:) - Thank you very much! Really great skin. - January 12, 2009 by Adrian Pajak

Best Modern skin ever! - Everthing, main window, list, EQ, media library is perfect! Author, please, update skin and add *song repeating* and *media library* buttons. If 'visualizatin/time/kbps' part was like in 5.5's it would be the best skin in the universe!!! - January 6, 2009 by Pan User

Excellent representation of WMP11 - Very clean and functional. Good job! - September 30, 2008 by bodhi coyote

average - Overall a nice skin, but to be honest it looks nothing much like vista. The main window is ok, but the others don't really meet the same standard. - September 29, 2008 by Douglas Ollivier

mayo - v v v good - August 27, 2008 by mayo miko