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My newest creation. Dark, techy and mecha-like. Full of interesting things to explore.

Sadly the winamp classic upload-dialog is limited to only wsz files.
However, this skin also comes in a 5 colormod zip-pack w/ red, green, purple, yellow and blue.

It's availble at my website:


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August 13, 2004 by bunji design482779 downloads

VIPER_ruby - Tech-skin.

Staff review


Very clean and elegant skin, a real keeper


Buttons missing - Some buttons are missing (playlist window). - January 24, 2006 by Winston Smith

Viper - Easy to use. nice color. - January 1, 2005 by bertrand leodet

So very nice - I must confess, this is the winamp skin I wish I had made. Oh well. Good work buddy. - October 18, 2004 by Jay Dorn

nice - very nice - October 9, 2004 by adam knutson

nicely done - The cbuttons are done very well - September 29, 2004 by Alex Luu

norbert - super - September 17, 2004 by nadj norber

Sleek - Good, however as always too often, No button to half the size :o( - September 2, 2004 by greg olsen

Wow - This just looks too cool, there is no bad thing about this skin :P I especially like the 3d effect, where it looks like the buttons are under glass. And i like the red with black and that shiny look. Awesome skin, good job! :D - August 20, 2004 by Giovanni Leanza

Classic... - ...revamped. I hope it comes with a color scheme option thing, the maroon just doesn't go. The symbols could be a bit clearer, but overall, brilliant. Well done, bunji. - August 16, 2004 by ChrisP Bacon