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Venom Updated

Feel the Amps

Feel the Amps

Upgraded to Winamp 5

New Features include:

New Shaded skin.

New interface

Skin was designed and coded by

Ralph Barber
Check out for Newer skins "QuadHelix"

Thanks to:"Plague"
for Coding Electricity Boost,

Skin Features:

Custom Vis with peak electrical overload.

Custom AVS's (download)

170 Color Themes


Download skin

February 13, 2004 by QuadHeliX Barber361509 downloads

Venom Updated - Feel the Amps

Staff review


check it out


Nice future look - its a nice skin, too bad there no colour themes - July 20, 2009 by hephzebah

Gorgeous skin... - But there's no color schemes. - December 28, 2007 by Shang Chi

Yeah. - Pretty kick-ass. Original. Cons: If you need glasses, don't d/l. - January 4, 2007 by Amin Chang

Hmm - Its not a bad skin, but I can\'t find where the color schemes are, as they aren\'t under the usual places. - December 13, 2006 by Erin Gallagher

venom - The skin comes only with the blue skin. If yah want the others you have to pay. I know I will . I love this guy's skins. - November 1, 2006 by larry mintz

Curvy goodness - I always download Venom when I have to download Winamp again(which happens more frequently than I would like). Just one of the coolest looking and functional skins available. - March 21, 2006 by Eric Holznagel

??????? ????!!! - ?????? ??????? !!! - February 5, 2006 by Daiman Hard

WOW - This is fantastic. Awesome variety and choices of colors. Really cool shape and effects. Clear enough buttons. I'm definitely checking out your other skins. - October 31, 2005 by z l

NICE!! - This is a very aesthetically pleasing skin... LOVE the visualizations, with the multi-color and the lightning... very cool. If you like "abstract" skins, I highly recomend this one. - June 27, 2005 by Wolf Bringer

YO MAN YO YO - no proste ziom man - June 18, 2005 by Michal Mieszczyk

color themes - Duuuuuuuuudde!!! I figured out how to change the color themes. Simply right click on the mo-fo! Man, it was so easy yet so frustrating searching for a button for it. The only downside is that you'll spend hours checking all the themes out and trying to decide which one to stick with!!!! - June 11, 2005 by paul love


Freakin *SWEEEEEEET* - April 27, 2005 by Shadow Systems

Evrika - it's the best freeform skin I've ever seen, I have many, many skins and this one is just . . . the best. The alien look makes you keep this skin, and the electricity - just cool. Make many other skins like this I will wait man, pls send me an e mail at [email protected] when you have one ready !!!! - December 21, 2004 by Victor_Felix Mocanu

Unfinished Original Ideea - I like this skin mainly for the mini-mode - It's really small&cute. In terms of functionality and ease-of-use, the skin is a horror. I really hate the buttons - uninspired color, design, placement, size and everything. Quirks in color-usage and detail design shows lack of solid art skills. Since I cannot use this as a skin, with sadness to see such originality and potential wasted, I rate it 3/5. - September 27, 2004 by Sam T

Fsckin' rad - My girlfriend snagged this skin and hardly showed me any of it's features (she hasn't dug too deep yet, I think). I saw it and read about the color variations, played with it, and must say I am blown away by it. I know nothing of Winamp skinning, but the layout and style of this skin f'in rocks, it looks awesome with smoothing, and has a metric assload of color schemes in it. Only gripe I've got (which could probably be easily remedied, or is available and I haven't figured it out yet), is to get that electric arc without having to enable the boost. Keep up the awesome work, this skin is killer for sure. - September 18, 2004 by Ryan Oylear

de la bombe - il est extra !! - September 9, 2004 by greg lulu

I like this Winamp skin but... - I can't figure out how to change the color. Can anyone help me? I've been through every button I can find and none of them tell me how to change the color. It says it has 170 different color schemes, but where are they? Help!! Shiva - June 8, 2004 by Shiva Smith

SOOO weird.. - ...which I appreciate... It's so completely original and sexy. The lightning is a nice touch, too. Very futuristic, competely functional, great animation. It's a little big on your desktop, but the shade mode works just as well. It's nice to see that there are still some out there who are trying for originality - June 3, 2004 by Whitney Bell

omg~!!!! - what the heck.... mabee some of you guys out there like sterio systems and will know what im talking about when i explain what happend to me while using this skin. To be brief, its a rip and you now, do not have to read further, unless you want to know why. If you are like me, you like your equalizer setting just the way you tuned it. This skin skrews that to hell, and you cant look at the pretty electricity without the "boost" setting(which sounds like some immature little kids wording). This setting jacks the preamp way up(to the max setting), and nearly blew my speakers(partially cuz i was listening to the music really loud at the time any way. Well to sum it up, i would recomend this skin, but if you like your preset equalizer, do not use the kiddishly dubbed "boost" setting. P.S. if it werent for the pretty colors, this skin would have gotten zero stars. Im probably taking things too far, but whatever. laterzz e-mail me! - May 31, 2004 by Luke Gooding

Absolutely amazing - I've never seen such a great amp. It looks, plays.. It does it all !!!!!! Download it fast!!! - April 9, 2004 by Bartek Romanowski

Desk top Alpha - This has to be on to see Electricity in windows XP - February 21, 2004 by QuadHeliX Barber

nice - i liked it, but the electricity on the left didn't work, i just got a couple of flashing dots (i could toggle the dots, though). But its good - February 20, 2004 by Veronica Martinez