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Vampire Vista Skin



Some changes to the skin

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June 15, 2006 by Agustin Villalobos120055 downloads

Vampire Vista Skin - Updated

Staff review

Based on the much heralded and yet to appear Windows Vista.


Wonderful! - Thank you! I love it...I think you did a wonderful job :) - February 3, 2007 by O K

Nice one - Nice one, but in my opinion, the white background of the Libary not so pretty. The playlist window's black background is much better. - August 3, 2006 by Daniel Kiss

it's an average skin - The skin is visually attractive, and okay. - June 30, 2006 by Aero Tech846

Gorgeus Skin =) - I loved this skin , colors, funcionality and design are cool . Congrats to the designer. - June 27, 2006 by Jazmin ADAME

very nice - very beautiful skin. needs to be stretchable/resizable though. - June 23, 2006 by Chris s