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Mk. III version of UNITRA Hi-Fi based classic skin

Mk. III version of UNITRA Hi-Fi based classic skin

jamala's first classic skin. Project started 2001 and never ended ;-) .
UNITRA was the polish company producing home appliances like TVs, radios and hi-fis in former times.
UNITRAs were always simple and user friendly, so I wanted to keep up with it.
UNITRA Mk. III skin is now complete with MAIN, PL, EQ, AVS, MB, MA, VID and GEN modules.

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April 8, 2007 by jamala la22891 downloads

UNITRA Mk III - Mk. III version of UNITRA Hi-Fi based classic skin

Staff review

What can I say here.....

Needs work, lots of it.


Staff review sucks. - I made an account on for the sole purpose of defending this skin's honor! It's a well done skin in my opinion, probably one of my favorites. The staff review doesn't really make the people behind winamp look too smart, either. I love the font face/color, all the buttons are fine. The only visual 'defect' I can think of is... well, I can't really. Most of the classic skins I've seen don't appeal to me near as much as this one. Good job. - August 27, 2007 by Eli Rockers

grrrrrreeeeeaaaaaat - It's just like unitra was simple and user (idiot proof) friendly. Stuff is wrong I love it. It's in retro style so it has to be plain. - July 5, 2007 by Gaciusia Kleks

It´s not a bad skin. - As I can see, your skin is quite complete and the equalizer´s controls have an interesting design. I´m with you, jamala la. - April 14, 2007 by Wilian Souza

well... - Good basic idea maybe but bad turn out. Aesthecially, this skin is not something you would download because it looks nice, sorry, but that's it. Yes, it's made to fit the design of the 80s, but we know machines were not made to look good, they were supposed to look functional. It's not during the recent years it has become important for companies to not only deliver a good and strong machine but also with slim and fit looks (iPod, PS2, Wii etc...). Your skin is very functional and it is very complete with all windows' skinned but it's the looks that is dragging it down, unfortunately. - April 14, 2007 by Sanna Fridh

Well, it's quite good and useful - Dear staff reviewer, I really appreciate your opinion on this skin, but I disagree. Being simple doesn't mean that this skin needs lotsa work. It's finished with lots of nice and discrete animations. Don't forget - UNITRA used a technology of early '80 adopted to the possibilities of eastern block. That's why it looks like it looks. UNITRA skin is ergonomic, simple, selfexplaining and masks lots of winamp bugs. And is consistent - download it and check it - give it a try. - April 11, 2007 by jamala la