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Remix - Authorized by The Only Lynx

Original - Titanium SkyRemixed by : GaretJax

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October 4, 2003 by Joe Garrett8353 downloads

TSPMIX - Remix - Authorized by The Only Lynx

Staff review

Can't see titanium in here,

but I definatly see glassworx. Which skin did you remix?


Nice things about a Remix - A remix is something that you feel the original was or could be. I didn't remix glassworx...but, the effect is similar and thats a good thing. Titanium Sky was a simplistic flat blue linear skin. TSPMIX is as the name implies [Titanium Sky - PolyMetal Mix 11] Meaning the blending of one authors original design with my own design. This had the effect of creating this skin. - August 5, 2003 by Joe Garrett

cool - nice bouttons - July 27, 2003 by wilson sharp