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The Silence v5



I finally got around to finishing what used to be 'Em142'. Skinned AVS & some other bugs. Also renamed it to The Silence.

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March 24, 2005 by Nullsoft Classicz337323 downloads

The Silence v5 - Done...finally!

Staff review

Silence yourselves and download this!

This is incredible in design. Let it adorn your screen with 'out of this world' illuminations and style.

Original Design by Kepher Rupp -- AKA The Silence.
WA5 update by Matt Topper.


Awesome! - La mejor skin para Winamp desde hace varios aos! - July 28, 2009 by edalvarino

best ever - simple and nice... exactly what i've been always looking for since... well since 05 ;) - March 12, 2009 by Gabriel Mlynar

Loss for words! - This is by far my favorite skin! I hope to design a real component system and possibly a head unit for my car that replicates this as closely as possible. - November 13, 2008 by Ryan Hardy

dsaf - dsaf - November 13, 2008 by Chitra A

WOW!!!!!! - llevaba aos buscando este skin man!!!!!!!!! mil gracias :) - October 6, 2008 by Carlos Sanchez

Fantastic - From the use of black and green colors, a layout that is sharp and cool figures to highlight a variety of buttons, this is one of the best skins I have seen. Outstanding job! - October 1, 2008 by Richard Coreno

:) - ne 4e tak - September 30, 2008 by djana djantao

Matrix - mola mucho - September 14, 2008 by Mario Gonzalez

Been using this for years. - I'm not sure exactly when this skin came out, but no matter what other skins I use, I always come back to this one. - September 6, 2008 by matt hill

Perfect work - I can't imagine using Winamp without this skin. Most suitable for dark desktop wallpapers. - November 12, 2007 by Pawe Pawczyk

Awesome - Great classic skin ! - September 21, 2007 by Greyhound Lord

Awesome - Very good and detailed work. Deserves all available stars :f - August 22, 2007 by Abi S.

Soo.. Pretty.. - Ive used this skin for 2 years now, and have never used any other skin since. its the -best--THANK YOU- for making it. - August 17, 2007 by Korei Ryuu

Personal Favorite - I have used this skin for as long as I can remember using winamp. - May 27, 2007 by Joseph Rovira

most beautilful skin ever - I use this one and only skin for years, simply love it. However, now I have some problems with the font type by restoring down the playlist since Winamp 5.2 released. Anyway, five star of course. - March 18, 2006 by Adam Nagy

my favorite skin!! - this skin is really my favorite classic skin since I know it!!! - November 8, 2005 by pierre gros

kick-ass skin that everyone should download right now ;) - I've had The Silence since probably 2000, and, well... it's pretty much the only Winamp skin I've ever used. If that's not reason enough to convince you, then I guess you probably didn't want it that much, anyway! :) 5 out of 5, and long live those funky stick figure icons! - May 25, 2005 by Nick Stearn

bla - WICKED the cursors are strange but this one is awesome - April 12, 2005 by Benjamen Brown

Speechless - This is one of the first skins I ever downloaded, althought I've got hundreds of skins, this is my favorite one... Enjoy The Silence - March 25, 2005 by Antonio Velasquez