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The Chronicles of Riddick

Available Now!

Available Now!

The Chronicles of Riddick skin brings you right into the further adventures of Riddick, with Vin Diesel reprising his star-making role from Pitch Black. The story continues five years later, as Riddick is summoned from exile to help fight against the galactic onslaught of the Necromongers? a race of conquering warriors. Prophetic forces have been set in motion, however, and the coming invasion propels Riddick into a series of epic, winner-take-all battles, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. Check out this 3d skin with animated movements and be sure to own your copy of the Unrated Director's Cut of The Chronicles of Riddick now! Includes 15 minutes of footage not shown in theaters!

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May 25, 2004 by Chronicles Riddick1049132 downloads

The Chronicles of Riddick - Available Now!

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Ole silver eyes is back!

Check out the movie in letterbox DVD!


OMG>. - Very CooL :) - October 31, 2007 by Milen Petrov

Erkan Sakalli - skin download - September 8, 2006 by Erkan Sakalli

Keren abisss...!!! - Gua suka pas awal start-nya,keren abisss!!! - December 29, 2005 by Ronny Kusnady

Shuffle does not work - The shuffle button on the right side does not work. That, and the fact that there is no 'Play' button give this a rating of 3 stars. - November 9, 2005 by Mitch L

The Chronicles of Riddick - Greetings! I consider, that The Chronicles of Riddick looks very abruptly! - November 6, 2005 by Jurga Ro

Good Looking Skin - I like the way this skin looks it's well thought out and planed. I also like the color that are used in this design and how they are well blended. Great use of light and dark and shadowing.. - March 2, 2005 by Miguel Puente

NOt Bad - I kinda like it - February 27, 2005 by Barry Taft

The mask - is very original because is a mask - February 15, 2005 by Jose Escoto

Good BG, Anime - Good to see this image from that movie - February 1, 2005 by Pamoke Uttamang

Wicked - Great definition and detail...LOVE IT - January 24, 2005 by Lyle Manuel

COOL!!! - 5 STARS! THAT'S ALL! - January 14, 2005 by Dmitry Lupandin

very very gggggg - gggggg - December 31, 2004 by Ali Yonca

nice flare - thats a great skiin ^-^ - December 3, 2004 by simplicity lol

fullface? - wel.. this was so great! related to the movie,huh? i rate this 1,coz it's really amazing!! nice try,dude! ps: can i have this as my helmet? coz im a DH racer,indeed. anyway,tnx! - December 1, 2004 by Mike Gonzales

Great Skin for a Great Movie! - Really like this skin. The Lord Marshall's was a really cool costume concept and it makes a great skin as well. Like others have said, I just wish you could open and close the face at will. - November 30, 2004 by Edward Lindblom Jr.

good enough - good enough to make me log in to write a review. it would be nice to be able to cover the buttons or the forehead though. it would also be nice to ADJUST THE WIDTH OF WINDOWSHADE MODE. i see about 10 characters of type in the title in that mode so i have to open up to full mode to read the title of the track. besides that it really is a nice skin. also, clicking in the eyes changes the spectrum analyzer, looks best with the oscilloscope IMO. lastly, there are only 2 spots that i found with links, the "riddick" image and the tink "links" image. nothing that bothers me at all. - November 28, 2004 by LazLoe Longhair

Good - Its very good but not good enough for 5 stars - November 26, 2004 by Daniel Ray

nice and handy - good overview of ctrls, nice skin.overall a good it...gj.....;) wish had some more futures(links) instead of links to the riddick sites. but overall i like this 1, it will be 1 of my favo`s. grtz and keep up the good work.!!! 5 thumbs up. - November 20, 2004 by hans oost

I'm impressed! - I especially like how the mask folds back at start-up! It looks great and is clear in use. - October 14, 2004 by Jantien Noortman

andre - best one - September 11, 2004 by andre k

Simple greate!!! - Its a greate skin, only if you could make a button to open and close its face it will be greate... - August 23, 2004 by Allan Chitay

Cool - Hey, This is a cool skin, from a good movie too..i think...only saw the first one :P. You should make some button so you could open/close his face :D. But you should really fix the shuffle button... IT DOESN'T WORK! at least not with mine, if that is so could someone say why that is? Oh yeah there's something else, when you have a list of movies and you're watching one and u push next the movie screen dissapears you have to double click the movie in your playlist again to get the moviescreen again.....maybe that could get a fix. But I think it's really cool. GreetZ Damage Inc. - July 12, 2004 by Damage Inc

jinmarcus - oh... - July 9, 2004 by jin jinmarcus

Don't like it that much - When you open it up the mouth thing slows it down and after a while it gets annoying. Everythings dark so it's hard to see. How do open the window button up with all the preferences? Where is it? All in all it's okay some minor flaws but good. The graphics did make it look pretty tight. - July 9, 2004 by Jawad Ahmed

like it but.... - over all it looks cool and all but I can not open the face to access the buttons and such so I may have to go back to corner amp:( - June 28, 2004 by Thomas Anderson

super - it rulzzzzz - June 27, 2004 by berdios lol

super - super - June 26, 2004 by Alfred Michael

its alright - it pretty cool - June 22, 2004 by monica vasquez

is ok - okokokokok - June 20, 2004 by Adam Janusz

mam problem - jak to rozwinac MENU?? bo jak sciagnalem ten skin to tylko mam twarz i nie moge zmienic piosenki:( Pomozcie!!! - June 14, 2004 by Piotr Korbelak

ZOLWIK - Wypas jest ;] choc na pierwszy zut oka to sredni - June 14, 2004 by Michal Ziomal

the movie kicks ass - the only thing i dont like is the names, i know they want recognition but hey i dont wanna c there names ok, that is y it did not get 5 stars - June 13, 2004 by levi morgan

OK!!! - It's a very beautiful skin - June 13, 2004 by kacper pelc

It's O.K. - I like it a lot. It's dark and mysterious. I like fantasy things and I give 5 stars. - June 13, 2004 by Bartek Szokalski

nice skin for a nice movie - i ike it, the gfx are very nice, but there's nothing special about this skin. that's why you only get 3 stars - May 27, 2004 by i rontz

Yes - I'm quessing this is by the great job robbing Petrol Designs, or a biz like such, and I know their all probably tired of getting my hate mail about their half-rate skins on advertising steroids. But this one (although it does contain it's fair share of unwelcomed advertisement and a few questionable skinning decisions) is pretty neat. It's not somethin I'd use It does have really nice graphics, and I love the control buttons. Kudos. - May 27, 2004 by Dan Wenner

nicely done! - Wow. Seriously. Great, smooth animations, fluent color scheme, and awsome theme. Way to go :). Thumbs up on this on. - May 26, 2004 by Scott Kuehnert

wow - this is a nice looking skin. if only it shows if repeat or shuffle is selected. - May 26, 2004 by Jer Ami