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Terminator 3

Winning entry in the official Terminator 3 contest

Winning entry in the official Terminator 3 contest

The winning entry in the official Terminator 3 digital art contest run by in conjunction with

Media Library, Video, Minibrowser, Mikroamp, MB-inner (requires MikroAmp), and cursors all skinned.

check out the volume bar! Enjoy :)

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August 20, 2003 by StillWater skins196869 downloads

Terminator 3 - Winning entry in the official Terminator 3 contest

Staff review


Quit nice to look at, dark color while still very usuable. Although I would have preferred text in place of symbols in the stacks for usuability. A few very good animations.


Terminator 3 Skin - Very Very Very good skin i like this very very very much - May 15, 2004 by Lee Kendrick

superb - a great sense of style, cool colors (literally), clever animation, actually ver useable, and EveryThing is skinned. - November 18, 2003 by rob nunn

almost perfect - aestheticly very pleasing and functional - September 10, 2003 by IlluSionS 667

VIVI - very good.can i download? - August 22, 2003 by Chan Heng Yew

Sweet looking - skin. Who cares if it is dark... Doesn't really matter. I would suspect that this one will be one of the famous skins soon enough and would be one of many of the famous and most download skins for the WA2x. Nice skin and all. I like it, I will make sure to download it once I download WA2x to the computer. - August 18, 2003 by Joshua Drennon

i like it - wow !! i really like this skin , like as film . - August 17, 2003 by Justinas Sunklodas

Stupid movie... - ...quite nice skin!!! - August 16, 2003 by Benno Hansen

Paul spsncr dolpain rowland - MAAAAAN...kristanna loken...... this skin's my fave at the moment, just like the film - August 15, 2003 by Paul Rowland