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Street Fighter Modern v2

This is updated version of my first skin

This is updated version of my first skin

Thanks to all who supported my first skin :)So I decided to release new version of this skin.
I add 4 new shade modes( including ken) and hole new mode
Pocket Mode. This mode includes 14 cute Street Fighter characters. I also improved normal mode buttons. That's all. Enjoy. Comments are more than welcome ;)

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March 19, 2006 by Laurynas Maciulis371954 downloads

Street Fighter Modern v2 - This is updated version of my first skin

Staff review

Street fighter

Kicking skin for all SF fans out there, nice work.


Ooh, Street Fighter!!! - Well, I have to admit, this is one awesome skin. It's design is easy on the eyes and it's pretty creative. To me, the only flaw is that the playlist is black so I can't really choose a specific song in the playlist without going through every song before that, but all in all, it's a great skin. - March 23, 2009 by Vernon Emata

great - it good - January 29, 2008 by winit kirdcharoen

Brilliant - Loved it the first time I saw it,maybe because I am a big street fighter fan.That was about 8 months ago. The dark background emaphasises the bright Akuma colouring, and with your favourite music playin on it, you don't need another skin ever - September 27, 2007 by TC Chikara

DAN! - I love this skin so much, my only gripe is that Dan isn't in winshade mode! But he's in pocket mode! Please in next version put Dan in winshade mode too though! - July 18, 2007 by Clayton Trotz

Great, but... - Wonderful work on this, especially with the shademode having a -sexy- pic of my favourite SF girl...slight problem, though: the playlist is ker-BROKEN if you have desktop alpha-blending enable when you switch to it! - May 11, 2007 by Brandon Kline

play button - lovly but will be better if u use the button play to pause like in mediaplayer and the pocket mode with the picture more smaller on the left to be more compact nice work - October 11, 2006 by pdr manuel

very nice - its is very, very, very, very, very, very, nice! - September 30, 2006 by Joey wonder

nice - cool skin thankxx fellas - September 28, 2006 by JImmy Neutron

good - it goods - May 11, 2006 by phe eint

Very cool - A mate of mine got me hooked on this game a few years back and its lovely to see a great skin for it. (I especially love the 'Pocket' mode!) Love the choice of characters in both pocket and shade modes. Excellent! - May 1, 2006 by Kath McGann

The Best skin Ever?? - i?m a big fan of etreet fighter series and my only player in my pc has always been the winamp but i?ve never found a skin similar to my two obsessions until i found this one...long live to the street fighters around the world colombia is the best?? - April 6, 2006 by Danilo Rodriguez

Good - Abe biva sia - March 27, 2006 by Miroslav Koychev

Nice Job - im actually not a big fan of street fighter but i got ur last skin and this one and there both so kool. i love the new pocket mode and i think you did really well with this skin. I would really like to see someone make a good Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children modern skin but i dont know how to make them so if you made 1 im sure it would be awsome (I'll probly like it even if its crap(^.^) - March 21, 2006 by Reno Turk

Nice! - I've been using v1 since it got released and i'm delighted to see a Ken version for the Shade mode. The contrasts and colors are still supurb and the skin is highly usable. Allthough the buttons are a bit tiny for me on 1600x1200 (same problem as v1) this skin will probably stay till v3 arrives (if ever ;) ) ShooOO Ryuken! - March 21, 2006 by Jas Bansen