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Stream Machine 1b

Version 1b: VU Meter support added.

Version 1b: VU Meter support added.

Stream Machine 1b

For all your streaming media!

Easy to read, easy on the eyes.

AlbumList 1.x skin included.

Version 1b: VU Meter support added (Read the readme.txt in stream_machine_1b.wsz for instructions).

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November 21, 2004 by Fred Jansen88512 downloads

Stream Machine 1b - Version 1b: VU Meter support added.

Staff review

For all your streaming media!

For all your other media, please use another skin.


Easy to read - This is very easy to read for those of us with huge resolutions; it's very easy on the eyes as well. It's a minimalist look, yet still easy to read and isn't boring. Great job! - July 21, 2005 by Jonathan Baumgardner

Nice, but too square - Another skin using my favorite gray color scheme. ;-) But it's bit too square, too right angular... - April 25, 2005 by Bohuslav Roztocil

Excelente ! - Muy buen trabajo, te felicito!, es muy facil de leer, de dise?o sobrio y nada confuso como muchos skins que estan por ah?. Es el que usar? por mucho tiempo. - December 26, 2004 by roderick p

Simple and good. - I really like the simple design and pleasing colours of this skin. It's very easy to read and nice to look at. I'm tired of all of those metalic skins with the wires, claw marks, and annoying amounts of cluttering, confusing detail, so this is a good change. Thanks, Fred. - December 10, 2004 by Ian Howell

Superb - This one I like the most cause of nice colours and comfortable contrast. - December 9, 2004 by Maciej Slowinski

Classic in Every Way - Clear, crisp, clean. My favorite since its first version. Classic in all regards: color scheme is subtle, controls are complete, clear and intuitive, with crisp, legible font. Always come back to this one, no matter how many new ones I download. - November 25, 2004 by Stephen Volner