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Now featuring skin configuration and notifier.

Now featuring skin configuration and notifier.

Winamp 5.23 fix for aesthetics

-Integrated iPlayTheSpoon?s opensource_notifier

-Integrated config options: notifier preferences, scroll songticker, animate drawers, always on top, enable tooltips, dock windows, and link windows

-Shade memory (it will remember which non-stick mode you were using before you dblClicked)

-Cycle through equalizer presets with a push of a button

-Winshade switch menu

-Dockable shade mode

-Integrated gammaThemes (total 75)

-N-state repeat buttons

-All components skinned

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January 17, 2004 by Jason Chiu119985 downloads

StarTrek LCARS AMP PADD II v2-3 - Now featuring skin configuration and notifier.

Staff review

For the serious Trekkies.

Try the new Star Trek console.


Great and finally real StarTrek! - Th ebest I have ever seen of StarTrek skins. I waited long and I'm very grateful for this skin. A real Trekkie will appreciate every pixel of this skin! - April 2, 2008 by Juro B

Looked Busy, but... - Okay, I am a Trek fan but even so I have to say this Skin is very good. They layout is useful. For me it is the only skin I have used so far that I can place the player and EQ to the left of the media libray and it all lines up nicely. The image on the site makes it look more busy than it really is.Great work! - September 10, 2007 by Patrick SURFThru

Sweet - If you like the graphics from a Star Trek computer console this is the perfect skin. Si vous aimez les graphiques des consoles d'ordinateur de Star Trek ce skin est parfait. - March 31, 2007 by Marc Forget

Excellent for Trekkies - Great LCARS simulation, very visible on high res monitors and the only LCARS skin I've seen that supports the AVS and the Media Library. Lots of colors too makes it go in sync with my DesktopX LCARS. - February 8, 2007 by Larry Berry

LCARS AMP PAD II rocks - This Skin Is perfect for the Hardcore trekkie fan It looks an feels like somthing out of star trek first contact I like this skin and all the work that went into it Keep up the good work - January 31, 2007 by Captain Riptide

Im a Trekke! - Looks Star Trek to me, and work very well. MAKE ANOTHER PLZ! - May 30, 2006 by Robert Garvin

Can't use it. sorry. - I am getting crashes switching to the smallest mode (forget which that is.) Also, I think the contrast-font combo is difficult on my eyes, but that is probably just me. The style in general is good though. I bet it would be a GREAT party mode skin, especially if you happen to have a tablet PC with a touch screen. Rock out with your Spock out! If you can fix the crash (don't know what is causing it honestly) I will be back. - March 19, 2006 by Michael Blank

Very good - This is one of the better skin that I ve utilised. - February 19, 2005 by Jobard Mike

Awesome - Not to belittle the other LCARS that were made in the past - the ones that had to fit the original winamp layout - some of those were great too, but this one is functional and tight. I give it 5.5 stars. - December 1, 2004 by Michael Haworth

[email protected] awesome skin - this is a great skin, much better than the windows media player version................................nice one brother nathan - November 19, 2004 by natrol fred

5 Stars! - Not just a good Trek skin, a very very good skin. Low resource usage, all functions there. Brilliant video interface, - November 4, 2004 by Mark Tien

V Good - A very good skin The best trek one i've seen for a while i have it in constant use cos winamp and this skin ROCK!!!! one problem i have at the mo with it is that sometimes the font is too buched up in the title display is this to be cured soon or is there a way to cure it myself once again GOOD WORK get this guy a pint keep it up - October 1, 2004 by Peter Tullett

My only skin - This skin is clean and easy to use. I use this skin exclusively on my car's winamp player and it displays nicely in my car's touchscreen LCD monitor. - September 19, 2004 by Daniel Kim

Nice, but... - This is a very nice skin, very functional. However, it's a little busy. I know that to be "Trekky" it needs to be pretty busy. But this is a little over the top. Too many buttons for my tastes. - July 12, 2004 by James Brown

Brilliant skin - Brilliant skin. Wish I had one for Trillian. - June 30, 2004 by CD Olin

Like it - Nice round-y skin without overornamentation (if that's a word). You can see what you're pressing which is nice :) 5* - May 20, 2004 by Alex Wood

WOW BEN!!! - I don't even like ST but still think this skin is the best i've ever seen, I love it. Please please please mr chow can you make a similar one for Style XP and trillian.....I will be your best mate!! - March 17, 2004 by j03 90

Awesome, well designed - One of the best designs a modern skin can have (the trekky thing is merely a bonus). The buttons are large enough to see, and their function isn't cryptic for those unfamiliar to winamp. The included color themes are all well designed. Two minor complaints: One is that the scroll wheel and arrow keys won't let me control volume or jump ahead through the song. The other is that the top of the playlist has a good bit of wasted space on the right side (between the scroll bar and the edge of the window) and the bottom (between the action buttons and the bottom of the playlist). If these were fixed, this skin would be damn near perfect. Even with these very minor complaints, it is still my favorite modern skin. As such, it earns 5 stars, cause it won't let me give a 4.9 stars. Keep up the good work - March 5, 2004 by Jason Kzik

best ever!!!!! - think It's one of best skin ever! Functional, simple, beautiful: never crash and with right opacity and size, It's the perfect skin on your desktop! Njoy - March 1, 2004 by mauro ramu

Great! - The perfect skin for Star Trek fans! Love it. - February 16, 2004 by Jenel Khan

Great - Looks very nice...use it all the time... - February 14, 2004 by Darrell Loftis