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Star Wars Episode II Amp

Does it win the prize for being the first EPII skin?

Does it win the prize for being the first EPII skin?


I'd always wanted to do a SW skin, but all bases seemed to be covered by existing skins, so thought I might as well do one based on the upcoming EPII.The Images shows the new Anakin Skywalker. All components skinned, including some "anakin before and after" cursors. There is also a Mikroamp skin in the archive for all you Mikro users out there

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March 27, 2003 by Jones Owns206966 downloads

Star Wars Episode II Amp - Does it win the prize for being the first EPII skin?

Staff review

Star Wars Episode II Amp

Great design here. I love hte futuristic quality about it. Your buttons are exceptionally creative. Thank you for your submission.-CO


It's Anakin and he's hot!! - This skin is awesome! I love the whole Star Wars story but really loved how Anakin and Padme fell in love! I know, I'm hopeless! - February 2, 2008 by Kristi Alves

nice - keep up the nice work. Love your buttons. But there is one thing wrong, I just can't put it. Oh well, I'll give you four stars. - September 19, 2005 by akemi midori

Hmm - Sorry but this sucks! - August 28, 2003 by Phil Sturgeon

wow - i love this skin!!! he is so hot and the movie was awsome...the cursors are kinda big...but i still gave you a 5! - June 21, 2002 by Laura Arayata

Awesome - this is an awesome skin. HE IS SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE BUTTONS! - June 3, 2002 by Trip Christensen

(scratch my chin and say >) - No it does not win the award for the best star wars episode II skin. so sorry - June 1, 2002 by Sam Lalonde

Keep - up the nice work. I wasint powerful enough t ogive u 6 stars. I won't fail you again. - June 1, 2002 by Josh Doil

Someday.... - I will be the most powerful Jedi ever. - May 22, 2002 by Jennifer Davis

you know - cursors are blow away, but it's a nice idea. i think only the lasersword would done it very fine. The look is very expensive, i like it. Crass - May 15, 2002 by Sledgehammer X

cursors!?!?! - Why'd you have to put those stupid cursors in??? oh yeah the rest is fine, but i wont use such cursors :P - May 11, 2002 by Justin Middleton

Damn ---------------- - Not bad............The cursors blow me away ! - April 29, 2002 by richard allen

all SW - hey this is me lol - July 6, 2001 by Anakin Skywalker

Its - first ... and James Collins Jr can't even see his ... - June 7, 2001 by dark-wing ďż˝

cool stuff - Anakin kicks ass, love the buttons and the lightsabers - June 2, 2001 by darth simpson

one reason for 5 - This is Star Wars. Need I say more? - May 11, 2001 by Brian Shields

its me ! - It's me, when I was good looking and young, *sigh* - April 24, 2001 by Vader Sans

There is another - Very nice futuristic touch - April 10, 2001 by Bryan Jenkins