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Featured Skin, June 26, 2003.

Just a skin. A skin in pixel 3d look. Hopefully you like it

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October 2, 2003 by marc thiele35237 downloads

spoiler-skin - Featured Skin, June 26, 2003.

Staff review


nice look.


Old school - I like this. Old school gaming at its best. :D - October 10, 2003 by Pete Morton

A well-done spin on something not so original. - I think that the color choice is well done... but there's something you have to notice and point out: there is a LACK of detail that ACCENTUATES detail in this! notice that there's no border between the list display and the buttons. it's like it all coexists on one flat plane. a nice coordinated feeling. Very clean and uncluttered. Probably as nice as you can get while staying simple. not to say that this is unattainable for someone else; I'm only commending you because you know how to do a well-established trick perfectly. this isn't inventing "play dead, roll over, sit, stay, shake", but is rather executing it with expertise. Kudos. - July 21, 2003 by Cyrus Draegur

big fan of simple skins - The simplicity: stunning; the orange brightens the mood; great job. - July 10, 2003 by deductive reasoning 3367

-_- - this is exactly what I was looking for - love the colors and design - July 2, 2003 by snake pit

Simplicity rules - Debabrata Trivedi -> So what is wrong at beeing simple? Your commend is lousy, as it is not contructive in any way. :( regards, marc PS: Sorry, don't know how to react to comments, so did it in this way. Any other chance? - July 1, 2003 by marc thiele

So simple - It's 2 bad 2 be a featured 1 - June 30, 2003 by Debabrata Trivedi

I Love this skin - This skin is awsome, I'm using it right now. - June 29, 2003 by Jimmy Kluding

Tasty:) - Hey this IS a tasty skin...i was just browsing thru the monotony and it really caught my eye. well done. - June 18, 2003 by Mike D

Simple n Sweet - Great Skin Man... I love it... Color combinations and the drop shadow effects are great.... Graet work....Keep it up.... :-) - June 11, 2003 by Zanfer Ahad

Great! - This is a very well done skin. Great colour design and concept. Overall great design. - June 8, 2003 by Rod Rykov