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Spinner Amp

Spinner Amp

Spinner Amp

If you must turn from the Spinner stream, turn to the Spinner Skin. Sleek and sorta shiny, it longs for your songs.

Original version by Timo "Fli7e" Henke

WA5 update by LuigiHann

Download skin

May 10, 2007 by Nullsoft Classicz65100 downloads

Spinner Amp - Spinner Amp

Staff review's own skin

This is the official skin of, professionally programmed Internet radio.


Boring and grey, but nice! - I thoroughly expected to not like this skin, but it's actually very pleasant in its own boxy way. Easy on the eyes, and simple to use. - May 16, 2007 by Xanthine X

Nice skin! - It has a very interesting square design. - May 10, 2007 by Wilian Souza