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Fixed Jump to File extra bug!

Fixed Jump to File extra bug!

Updated for Winamp 5.
It's the cat's pajamas!

Liquid crystal display set in blue steel.

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September 28, 2002 by Cameron Kerr602846 downloads

Spilt_Milk - Fixed Jump to File extra bug!

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Great - Simple & cool - January 20, 2008 by Bence Horvth

Warm & Fuzzy - Been using this since it was a pre-classic/classic skin. I don't know why, but it makes me feel all warm inside, like carne asada on a cold day.It also makes my sheets softer and my twin babies stop crying. - December 17, 2007 by Don Beal

Beautiful - It feels very smooth to use. It's simple, clear and beautiful. Full points. - June 3, 2006 by Annika H

Yep - this is what I needed - It's my favorite style. Soft blended edges and very readable. I like this soft shadow behind time digits. Thanx a lot. Regards... - August 14, 2005 by Lucas Gratza

One of the best - This skin is simply clear and beautiful. One of my favorites. Greetings from Germany - May 8, 2005 by Hermann Schroeder

This is The Clearest Skin - I like to use winamp in Always On Top mode, permanently scrunched up at the top right of my screen: this is the ONLY skin that I find clear and usable in this mode. I regularly try out promising and stylish new skins, but am always disappointed by the way they become unclear, unreadable and very difficult to use when folded up. I always come back to Spilt Milk; usually within 5 minutes of trying a new skin. If you're after a stylish, usable, clear and beautiful skin then you're done looking now; hit download. - December 15, 2004 by Ben Dilley

It's the one - I'm using this skin now for already two years and I still love it. Clear and functional design, no aching colors ... It's just the best, it's just the one, it's eye candy. - October 18, 2003 by ..::: Sebastian :::...

The Prophet has spoken - It really makes me thirsty... I gotta go get some MILK! - February 27, 2003 by Robbie Williams

Perfect - One of my favorites - November 21, 2002 by an onymous

Not Crying! - I had my doubts looking at the preview, but now that I have it I see that it is flawless! - July 7, 2002 by The MA-x

big bada-boom! - it's *the* skin i always come back to, no matter what other skins i have here... nice colours, you can make out the shuffle and repeat buttons quite nicely... not the case with some other skins.. well done, mate, cheers! - June 1, 2002 by DJ Fate

Amazing.. - Classic elegance, no flaws in this one.. - April 29, 2002 by Sam Spam

Hey... - That's actually really quite cute. Like it, except for the cursor (the colour clashes), and the menu things at the bottom of the playlist. Other than that, I like the idea. - April 4, 2002 by Lisa Woodhouse

Faboo! - Simply gorgeous! - March 7, 2002 by Jennifer Setter

spilt_milk - this is an awesome skin. its the one i have used since i found it, and dont get bored from it. AMAZING!! - March 1, 2002 by Lindsay Walker

wish i could give it 6 - This is, by far, the best skin i have ever downloaded, it's perfect texture amazes me!!!! So very clean and so very cut, perfectly flawless. Bravissimo!!!! - February 25, 2002 by Christian Guse

Awesome! - Smooth graphics, excellent clarity. Brilliant simplicity. Very well done! - February 23, 2002 by Sithean J.

really cool - this is a cool skin - February 14, 2002 by kathy L

perfect - for people who want good looks, good function and simplicity. ROCK ON! - February 12, 2002 by mmat mman

niiiiiice!!! - great looking skin...great use of color...easy interface...great job all around!!!!keep "em coming!!! - February 8, 2002 by e r

hmmph - 5/4.. but very good to use, simple, good look.. think its great... but not the perfect one - February 1, 2002 by Roberth s

it really is the best - no one should give this skin less than 5 stars. there's nothing wrong with all - January 6, 2002 by Tricia Smith

+++ - Best skin ever seen. Used it each time I re-installed w-amp. Rock on, Cameron! - January 2, 2002 by Jason Wu

The best - Very nice ,all letters&numbers can be seen clearly. If Simple is beatiful , This is the simplest of them all. Very nice... ! - January 2, 2002 by Gabor Peterdi

The best skin ever!! - Its the only skin thats easy to understand and does not bore so easily. This skin is on my screen almost since it got posted here and now its the first and only one I am looking for after reinstalling my PC! - December 29, 2001 by Tim Bakker

Neat-O - This is the coolest looking Winamp skin I have even downloaded. Period. - December 1, 2001 by Wes Anderson

this skin is awesome - this skin is the best skin I've seen out of any... - November 21, 2001 by Kieran Brophy

Got Milk - Simply a piece of work, nice work......:) - November 13, 2001 by Matt Nagy

Calcium Fortified! - This skin makes me thirsty for some ice-cold milk :) And I ain't gonna spill it either! - October 23, 2001 by justin lee

Simple, But Great. Simply Great! - I've seen a few skins, but this one is AHBSHOLUTLEE outstanding! Everything is clear, the font is great, the metallic look is exceptionally done. The pasty off-white is a minor draw back, but only minor... in a word: Amazing! - October 18, 2001 by Thomas Dittburner

Common sense! - Wow! Looks great, and is useable at the same time. Even at high-res you see the button labels, and the high-contrast text on the playlist means I can see what I have cued up. What a breakthrough in Winamp skins! - October 17, 2001 by Banttha Fodder

Spilt Milk - 5 Stars All The Way. The creamy white display with the light blue steelish color is the best. My Fav Skin. - October 13, 2001 by Mark Masztalerz

savvy - it's easy on the eyes, which is a good thing coz it's sooo nice to look at - October 4, 2001 by Nards San Roque

spilt_milk - This is a nice and simple skin.I downloaded it a lot of time, everytime I change my computer.This skin kicked some Butt..... - September 29, 2001 by heicel bermillo

Slick and Usable! - This skin manages to be slick, easy on the eyes AND usable at the same time! Two thumbs up for this one. - September 19, 2001 by Douglas King

A useable skin for once ! - Wow - a skin you can actually *read* at 1600x1200 without having to use double size and have it look like it was created on an Atari 2600. Great job. - September 8, 2001 by Kurai Kaze

w00t! - Good, clean interface. And the trippy blue steel makes for a nice console feel to the skin. - September 5, 2001 by David Bazile

VERY NICE - The idea was simple im sure....but the result was astronomical. This skin is so well balanced that i no longer need my ears for proper coordination....IT ROCKS - September 2, 2001 by Michael R.

awesome! - This skin f*ckin r0ck man! I love.. - September 1, 2001 by Eddo Eddo

Clear and to-the-point - This is, simply put, THE most utilitarian skin I've ever had the pleasure of using. The buttons are large and easy to read, indeed a conspicuous rarity among skins posted here. Kudos, Mr. Kerr. - August 26, 2001 by Flying Fish

Nice! - I like it - August 22, 2001 by Ignat Borodikhin

Nice - hi , is very nice and i like it .. Thx :) - August 21, 2001 by Danny Versatul

gorgeous! - Once I got used to the creamy colour no other skin could live up to it's smoothness! I love the rounded edges, the way the silver buttons pop out when clicked, the control buttons, and everything about the equalizer... - August 18, 2001 by Nina Taylor

sucks - i like my Satsuki skin much better - August 16, 2001 by Mia Angel

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet - Simple, Smooth, and Sweet ... and you won't catch me crying over it :) - August 14, 2001 by Jeremy White

so - cool - August 12, 2001 by mariana ortega

Spilt Milk... hhmmm... - Cool. Yeah, it is so cool that two words can picture it perfectly: Very Cool. - August 9, 2001 by Toni Tynninen

Split Milk - Works well, but not so good looking - August 9, 2001 by Olli Erinko

Emily Gohsman - Its ok - August 9, 2001 by Emily Gohsman

NIce!!! - Wicked! Very clean. Excellent texture. One of the best I've seen yet. More, More, More!! - August 8, 2001 by Anthony Hall

Nice skin. - I'll be using this one for a while. :) - August 7, 2001 by Rollins Goetzel

easy - the only skin I ever found good enough to actually sign up with winamp and give an opinion on...... - August 6, 2001 by Ryan Lane

I love it - I really love this skin, now I always use it - August 5, 2001 by Linus Mertens

* * * * *'s - GOT MILK? - August 5, 2001 by Eskie Hax

awesome! - AWESOME! I can see all the lil buttons. The reason for only 4 stars .. the lack of defining lines on the main window .. otherwise, Great Job! - August 5, 2001 by Christina Bragg

Holy Cow!! - Freakin' Sweet! More!! More!! - August 4, 2001 by Jayson Balcom

amazing - This one is definitely a keeper! One of the few skins that is clean, readable, and very functional. Good use of 'white-space' hehe Nice layout keep up the good work! - August 4, 2001 by jas b

cool - yeah, this skin is off the hizook - August 4, 2001 by Jack Tennis

you skin - is great the efects of light you skin used good efects in textures is very good sorry no speak to inglis good visit my skin Brass Silver Pd:sole one small error in the posbar, volume and balance you speak to spanis?? - August 3, 2001 by Ricardo Quirarte

You have to realise... - I havn't seen anything better come out of a cow's udders yet. - August 3, 2001 by Bilge 0r

Awesome - Words are not enough to describe this marvellous skin. Actually I can think a couple of words : milk has never been better :)good job Cameron - August 3, 2001 by Andreas Jonathan

Rating - original design 4 originality 4 overlay 3 finshing touch 3 comment: A nice design and colour but it doesn't like very real - August 3, 2001 by amar v.n leeuwaarde

oh yes - by far- my favorite winamp skin.... how ironic (im lactose intollerant) ;) hehe xoxo - August 2, 2001 by Joi Gurl

They're great.... - This skin is flawless except for the way it looks... it's simple look is what gives it it's simple pleasure... two thumbs up!!! P.S. I love the way the buttons are set up on the playlist menu on the bottom... I can't find another skin like it... - August 2, 2001 by Bryan Shon

Ooh! This one shines! - Hit the road, guy! This skin is really well done and original and stylish and cool and... what else? Oh yes, nice! - August 1, 2001 by Vittorio Ambrosetti

This One is really cool - Surely Cameron you have a good taste - August 1, 2001 by Misbah Ahmed

boo hoo hoo - it really is spilt milk!! - July 31, 2001 by hassan abir

legendary stuff - as the tv advert in australia says, milk...legendary stuff - July 30, 2001 by Steven Allan

kick ass - this is one kick ass skin, love how the txt clears when u select it - July 30, 2001 by kev williams

COOOOOOOL !!!!! - I Like zat !!! Whats the milk thing about ? - July 30, 2001 by ChemicaL QAZi .

Cool - Its just cool... - July 30, 2001 by Alex Briefs

Nice - Nice skin to download. - July 29, 2001 by Zack Brown

Jesus! - Oh Holy God! This Thing is so cool, that it almost made me cry! - July 29, 2001 by Valto Hulttinen

Awesome! - i love it, its a great Skin - July 29, 2001 by Reigh-Leigh Foster

nice - sweet skin, gj - July 29, 2001 by Piss Ant

Good job!!! - Good job!!! Search and see the "FishThauseS" skin - July 29, 2001 by Abiel MuRen

:)))))))))))))) - I didn't find any mistake so far and, believe me, I must be paranoid about these stuffs;) Reeeeeeeally nice, Cameron... A sommer hit- No doubt!!! - July 28, 2001 by Sabrina DEDOVIC

Milkkk.... - I feel the milk, really... - July 28, 2001 by BILLY .

i give it 3 * - thiz 1 iz cool jus 1 word download - July 27, 2001 by MICHELLE SMITH

Pretty cool - I like this's cool....and white like milk...;) - July 26, 2001 by Verena S.

the skin i come back to - When i get bored of new skins, Cameron kerr's jewel is the one i get back too.just lovely - July 26, 2001 by piki crok

Stunning - I love this skin. I am in awe. - July 26, 2001 by Michael Nagy

OK - its ok, i have seen better, but it is still good. - July 26, 2001 by melissa monticue

Nice Work - Very well done - July 26, 2001 by Matt Marx

SO uncool - this is the worst skin i've seen - July 26, 2001 by benn r

Great Job - You did a great job, the colors are really good and you can see almost everything! - July 25, 2001 by Kate H.

A world class skin. - A world class skin. Great job - June 17, 2001 by Nick Johnson

awesome,awesome,awesome - extremely COOL skin, excelent 3d bevels. you CAN'T continue without this skin in your PC! - June 12, 2001 by James Potter

Perfectly clear! - Yeah, so there are the slimy gits who like to go around yelling "this sucks!" That shouldn't detract from this skin's reputation (assuming such can exist.) This is the only skin I use - for it's got everything I need. This skin is, as everyone's already noted, AMAZINGLY clear. Beyond that, the color choice is attractive, especially with the heavily-accented font. It's practically perfect. If I had ONE little criticism, it'd be that the inactive title bars are difficult to read, due to the "blurring" effect. That hardly detracts from Spilt_Milk's five-star rating. GOOD JOB. I'm impressed. - June 12, 2001 by Grant Woodward

Good skin - Not worth the five - June 8, 2001 by Sebastian Thieme

/me cums - Best skin in ages, you can seen all the buttons for once!, and looks swish at the same time. yay - June 7, 2001 by Chew Bacca

1 in a million - I have downloaded so many skins it is unbelievable, but I still cannot beat this one. It is easy to read, as everyone has said, even in 1280x1024, and it still looks slick. Keep producing work of this quality and I think you'll have a monopoly - June 2, 2001 by Sam Gibbs

Very nice... clean - Great skin, well done... I think it's your best skin yet! - May 27, 2001 by Tim Wulfestieg

Damn you for finding a flaw! - Damn you ^^ I found another flaw actually. On the playlist by the little timer there are play buttons, load buttons etc. the same as on the main window, but they aren't there on the skin. Its still my favorite skin, though. I do'nt think thats a flaw, but... If you fix all those and update it, it COULD be perfect. And I'd still like to see this on the most popular list :/ And I'm still too lazy to learn how to skin and make my own perfect skin ^.~ - May 25, 2001 by Katome Tsuriyama

Almost Perfect - Finally a skin that looks half decent that you can SEE ... the only things i dont like about it are the main window is a little boring ( should have maybe broken it up a bit or given it some depth)and it is a bit cartoony... other than that... sweet job... The thing that super KICKS ASS (other skin designers PAY ATTENTION)is that you can see what the bloody buttons are for!!!... I dont have to squint like a 50 year old with cataracts to tell what the playlist functions are .. all buttons are in plain view and have meaningfull symbols.... All i can say is WTG dude.... looking forward to new skins by you - May 23, 2001 by mojo wylder

FOUND IT! - I found the flaw. Sorry Katome. I'm a lazy, I mean LAZY person, and I like to think as little as possible :) Well, when you place the curser over the minimizer for the entire Winamp window and for just the "Main Window" it doesn't do anything, and the buttons are all identical. I know this isn't important but when I hear of a "perfect skin" (pardon while I chukcle politely to myself) I've gotta prove em wrong :) Oh yes and to all of you who saw a long review and actually read it, Bravo! But otherwise the skins Hellacoo! - May 22, 2001 by Stuart Pidarse

... - hmmm ... what to say more when Katome already said all there is to say about this skin? i'd give more than 5 stars for this one. - May 22, 2001 by Niki B.

nice way to spill your milk - hehe - May 21, 2001 by Eric Flanders

Amazing - Other skins are nice, but this is golden. Just formatted my machine, forgot to back-up my Winamp skins, and began panicing to find this one again. Survived with several others, but continued to search for this one, though I couldn't find it in any of the categories. Finally tried using the search engine without upper-case (kept looking for "Spilt", "Milk" and "Spilt_Milk", without result), and finally found this skin again. I'm so pleased. What a wonderful piece of work. - May 20, 2001 by Derek de Jong

Wow! - This is truly amazing! Nice mix of colors that work great toghether. Not much to improve upon.. - May 4, 2001 by Henrik Mj�berg

Almost perfect skin - I have only 2 MINOR problems with this skin: The Cursor is too blue, and there are no play controls on the playlist. Both can be ignored, really. Great use of blur effect :) oh, and doesnt support the llama easter egg, but oh well, still a great skin! - May 4, 2001 by Angel Baker

hello.. - this is one of the best skins I have seen in a long time.. I cant under stand how winamp crew only give it 4? I think it should be like 10 out of 5 posible.. =) nice work keeeeeeep it up =) - May 2, 2001 by Thomas Berg

i like it - nice work but not five stars - May 2, 2001 by jackie bloch

Awesome!!! - Very nice skin indeed! - May 2, 2001 by David Gabrielsen

Milky milky - I liked it so much I bought the company! - May 2, 2001 by Cameron Kerr