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Space Invaders by flatmatt

The classic game comes to Winamp5!

The classic game comes to Winamp5!

A fun skin that reproduces the classic game Space Invaders as a skin for Winamp. Using graphics from the Atari 2600 release of the game, this skin allows you to actually move the character and shoot the invaders to operate Winamp's basic controls. Also features an Equalizer disguised as a High Scores screen and an alternate "Arcade" color theme. Note--Not compatible with Winamp3. Version 1.1 now has skinned media library scrollbars as allowed by Winamp 5.5.

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February 20, 2004 by flatmatt119658 downloads

Space Invaders by flatmatt - The classic game comes to Winamp5!

Staff review


and i thought scattershot was nutty- the old skool space invaders makes a comeback in what can arguably be the most creative use of video gaming and winamp controls yet... bonus points if he could've worked the full game into the skin, still it's damn kewl


Space Oddity - What a neat throwback to a time when this was an incredible arcade game. Times certainly change, but this creative skin brings back all of the cutting-edge concepts from back then for enjoyment today. - May 26, 2009 by richard

wicked - 'nuff said - January 13, 2007 by monkeygrudge b

Boing! Extra life. - Jeez, this is not only one of the most fun and bizarre skins, but it's also one of the most functional. There are tooltips for every button, which is helpful since it doesn't say each button's function underneath. There's even an options menu to help! It's all brilliant. New fave. - September 25, 2005 by Stevie Hryciw

Awesome Skin - This skin is so fun to use. This has got to be the first skin that accurately pays homage to the game it's designed to look like. You can fire at the alien 'buttons' to do real winamp commands like stop and play. And then the skin keeps score for how many times you fire at buttons. Brilliant. First skin that?s actually cool. Brilliant work Flatmatt. I hope your still designing things even if they're not winamp skins. - March 19, 2005 by henry kleinschmidt

Best skin ever. Seriously. - I signed up for a winamp account just to review this thing. First of all, you took nostalgia and turned it into something useful. Secondly, while most skinmakers seem to be going for the small, sleek, 3D effect, this skin works better and looks better being big, black, rectangular, and ugly. It takes up 1/3 of my screen (i keep my playlist open) and I love it that way. If you ever want to improve on this, don't make it smaller. I honestly have no complaints. It's all here; huge, clear, and it's fucking SPACE INVADERS!!!! the bonus feature where you control the gunner and everything is a great bonus, made even better by the fact that it's entirely optional and doesn't hamper the functionality of the skin whatsoever. It's fancy, but it's not flashy. It's the perfect skin. Period. I'm telling everyone I know about this. - October 12, 2004 by Nate Rainey

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This is great I like the game and this is a great skin. I really liked the controls for play, stop and all that otheer ztuff. GREAT!!! - February 28, 2004 by Paul Sori

80's OMG NO................. - I like the concept of this speaks to me. It's neat touch with the EQ but Kinda Hard to get used to. some text hard to read. Good Job Of Reviving A True Classic..... Without Invaders Where Would We Be? - February 20, 2004 by j breitenbach