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Sleek little skin that features a window frame that can be clear or you can change the background to any one of the 15 available. Has automode too.

Also the shademode has 15 backgrounds.

Skin has a sliding cover that hides the buttons.

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January 6, 2007 by QuadHeliX Barber38996 downloads

-Sonara- - sona

Staff review

Little skin with a choice of background. Pick your favorite and play that music collection.


Ferrari with Datsun motor takes WinAMP by storm!! - This skin should have been, worked on a little more.. Great concept, and I was all geared for it.. then the play button did not work..You have to go to the playlist and click the song you want to listen to..The in window Visualization changes half at a time.. requiring two clicks..The shadow on the Titles,times, the font should have been different to go with the skin theme; and too make it easier to read. The size and usage of the main window also seems to be out of proportion and perspective.. Had I paid to get the slade skin, to go with my fake Vista Vis Pack.. I woudl have disappointed if I got the same results..and it crashed 5.32a upon install. After restart it seems fine.. I like it but only give it two stars because of the lack of accessibility, and the fact that it seems hard to use but could have been better given some time to have the skin tested more thoroughly - January 8, 2007 by Heath 28M