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A good mix of metal and wood

A good mix of metal and wood

Just the right mixture of glass, metal, and wood. I decided to hold my OS skins and set to work on my first skin NOT based on an already existing GUI, and for that I\'m proud of myself. After three days weeks, I had tried four color schemes, too many layouts to count, debugging, and general animation, I had finished what is my best skin to date (in my opinion). It\'s also my first skin to use any region transparency (though is very minimal), removal of the volume/balance slider bitmap area, and is backwards compatible for AVS, Minibrowser, and compatible with MikroAmp.

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August 17, 2006 by John Kreitlow17841 downloads

Snazzy - A good mix of metal and wood

Staff review

Very snazzy , nice colour combination.


I worked hard. - This is by far my best skin. Everything is complete, everything looks great, and it all just rocks. - August 19, 2006 by John Kreitlow