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Smart AMP v22

Sony Vaio accessories-like skin. Now it supports Library and Video windows.

Sony Vaio accessories-like skin. Now it supports Library and Video windows.

This skin is based on accessories with Sony Vaio series. I have updated it after 3 year absence to meet your request!Various fixes are included too.

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October 7, 2003 by Tatsuya Fujita267192 downloads

Smart AMP v22 - Sony Vaio accessories-like skin. Now it supports Library and Video windows.

Staff review

Yes it will go well with them!

Why dont you send it over there?


Smart ! - No fuss, clean, functional, good look. Made skin for vu meter, best, true, vu meter around.Hope they publish it for the smartamp fans... - February 25, 2008 by Paul Van Den Steene

! - it is cool! - April 24, 2007 by Vitaliy Vasilenko

simple - its simple to youse and it locks cool and fine - September 11, 2006 by jostein halvorsen

one of its kind - No other skin is so clear, useful, solid, esteatic, logic, down-to-earth, proffessionallooking, see-what-you-get, orange&grey, fitting-in-on-my-desktop-perfectly as this one. Oh. That's of course why it's called Smart Amp. - August 4, 2006 by jonas vanderplank

best EVER - the cleanest skin - EVER, I have not been able to find anything more minimalistic. Perfect contrast and design - March 25, 2006 by Boris Yakubchik

Computer user - Excellent work!!!! Good balance between a "nice looking" skin without loosing its functionality. Congratulations, Tatsuya-san. Daniel S?nchez Puerto Rico - March 4, 2005 by Daniel Sanchez

Smart AMP v22 - Great looking amp - should have a higher rating in my book. It is clean, neat, elegant and functional. Hope to see more like this in the future. - August 20, 2004 by Eugene Edwards

Excellent! - First skin worthy of my time. Very clean, functional, colourful, etc. etc. Great Job! Keep it up. - November 19, 2003 by Aaron Wannamaker

Almost, but not quite. - Very clean and pretty. I especially like the indentations around the buttons. Except that they wiggle a little bit when you push the buttons... Missing skin for library, etc. Also no titles on windows other than the main one. Otherwise I'd give it a 5. - September 15, 2003 by TOGoS o S

COME ON - Needs to upgrade this skin to Smart AMP Ver.2.9x than maybe I'll give it 5 Stars... - September 12, 2003 by Azdhy Lolo

Nice - I really like the "on-off" button on the equalizer, makes it really easy to see the setting. - August 29, 2003 by m m

My all-time favourite - I've looked through thousands of skins, and this one works the best for me. No imperfections anywhere, and works well. Easy to use, easy on the eyes. - August 8, 2003 by Daniel Rempel

The Best - Simply the best winamp skin ever made... Well... I mean... It's my personal favorite and I don't use anything else. Simple, clean... perfect. - July 28, 2003 by Seth Malone

Nice. - Especially you did a great job on the 3D look on the buttons and scrollbars. It's also just dark enough for us dark skin users. My only complaint is the yellowish-red tint to the metal and I don't like the choice of orange for the text and numbers (though it doesn't look terrible if you like that color.) - May 7, 2003 by Nazo San

Excellent VAIO Reproduction - This is a really well done skin and is almost exactly correct to the VAIO software. Very good and virtually problem-free. - September 13, 2002 by Timmy Dax

THE BEST - It does not get any better than this... Clean lines, great colors, excellent buttons, etc etc etc... - July 17, 2002 by Frans Wartenberg

Simply the best - Simple, aesthetically pleasing... perfect. - July 10, 2002 by Fernando Gonzalez del Cueto

Nice. - This is the first usable skin I have come across. WinAMP is way too small, this skin tries to make up for that with clear contrast. - May 3, 2002 by Luke McCarthy a WONDERFUL skin! - Omyg*d. I...I can't...This skin's...Help me... THIS SKIN IS PERFECT! - April 21, 2002 by Neil Jacklin

The best - The way winamp should have been from day ONE..very neat - March 27, 2002 by Ray Last

Great for 1600x1200! - This skin is great for those who want a simple, clean, uncluttered, unconfusing skin to run at 1600X1200 resolution. With that resolution, most skins end up with buttons the size of pinheads and text that is virtually unreadable. Not so with this one -- big enough to read the text and to press the buttons without a 3pix by 3pix hotspot. Thanks! - March 26, 2002 by Jeffery Eddings

Excellent skin - This skin is simply what i want - March 8, 2002 by Max Meyer

Just what I needed - This one has big letters, high contrast, it's better than the original Winamp skin. - March 8, 2002 by Joe Koptik

Perfection - There seem to be two types of skins in the world: Slick, fancy, curvy skins that are nice to look at but stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of the OS, or down right ugly skins that try to look like a standard app. Now I see it is possible to have a compromise... It's clean, simple, and useable, without being ugly. Have to say this is the best skin I've seen! - March 4, 2002 by Justin Pope

This is smart - this is my all time favourite skin for winamp, WOW so clean slick and smart. Nice work! ;) - March 2, 2002 by Shaun James

the best of the best :) - so nice makes me want to hear music - March 2, 2002 by Bo mikkelsen

Easy on the Eyes - Form follows function. This is a design that looks nice and is very easy to use. I just want to play my music... so, this is the one for me. - January 28, 2002 by BV Don

Awesome! - This is my favourite skin. It's clean and simple. All the buttons are properly labeled and the colours don't overpower the rest of my desktop. Forget your skins made out of people's faces or cartoon characters. This is the one to use if you just want to listen to music! After all, isn't that why you use Winamp in the first place? - January 12, 2002 by Sean Vedell

Most used... - one of my most used skins...very easy to see buttons! - December 2, 2001 by Ken Kuhl

Top Styled Skin! - Greetings from germany! That's the best skin, what i found here. Thanks! - June 3, 2001 by W&G Angel of D-X-A GROUP

SG - Smart. Download it now! - May 20, 2001 by Steve Gardner