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Simple Modern Skin Easy to Use

Simple Modern Skin Easy to Use

Easy-to-use skin packed full of features. UPDATE: FIXED A FEW THINGS! (opening animation, colorthemes, etc.) Detailed songinfo, click the Winamp icon for songinfo Year,Artist, Track, Album, Bitrate. Large song display upon track change. More internet radio station buttons. Lots of color themes. Left & right VU levels.

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December 30, 2010 by Michael Ludwig12033 downloads

SimpleSkin - Simple Modern Skin Easy to Use

Staff review

Very good modern skin

I like it! Simple and usable. Colorthemes included. Nice display. Thanks for your submission.


I definitely like this one. Would like to see it with album art and the rating function, but otherwise a good, functional skin. - December 31, 2010 by Paul