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Silence v2.0

Silence V2.0new color's text, new color's number, button about winamp, new anim shufrep and new eqmainMore colorschemes on my website (softpink, redspider, yellowwood, grasshoper...).

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December 23, 2008 by merci oner459914 downloads

Silence v2.0 -

Staff review

Nice dark skin

If you want a simple dark skin, but not a boring one, this skin is for you. Nice color scheme, very usable. Thanks for your submission.


Really attractive but... - Like the black color with the fonts color but they are too small, I like to see what im listening, most with song that are thae first time i hear it...its a shame, and the buttoms look like its a bug and they are from other skin, dont match with the skin style...but ill dl it ^^..!! - September 7, 2009 by DraineD

Cool, but small - The blue on black makes the font seem even smaller than usual. Not good if you want to be able to tell what's playing at a quick glance while doing 10 other things at work. - March 3, 2009 by JL Sigman

clear and easy - this is clear and easy to use.Font of songs that were not marked, is too dark. - January 29, 2009 by Buddy R